Climate Changes

Globally, Braskem participates in debates on climate change through associations and forums of which it is a part or which it is invited to be present at.

A highlight among these participations is the Climate Summit¹, held in New York, in the United States, at which time Braskem announced its commitment to two initiatives aimed at mitigating climate change through reducing carbon emissions. The documents were proposed by the World Bank and by the Global Compact for the adoption of carbon pricing mechanisms.

In line with its commitments, Braskem started the process of implementing internal carbon pricing within the criteria for investment decisions, and is now in the monitoring phase:

Precificação do Carbono

¹ The Climate Summit is part of a round of the United Nations (UN) meetings between representatives of countries, companies and other organizations.

Braskem also actively participates in the Emissions Trading Simulation (SCE) and the Companies for the Climate Platform, constructive initiatives in the carbon market for debate and generation of knowledge, expanding the contribution of companies in propositions directed to the public power.