Braskem strengthens coordination with business leaders at Rio+20

The Company is participating in discussions and expositions and supplying materials to the United Nations conference

Braskem, a Brazilian-based company that is the world's largest producer of polymers made from renewable resources, is making effective and concrete contributions to Rio+20. The largest petrochemical producer in the Americas, Braskem is supporting some of the most important events at the conference and is also demonstrating technologies that foster innovation and sustainable development. Braskem is also an official supplier of support materials to the UN conference, all of which are made from its Green Plastic.

Braskem's participation in this UN global conference on sustainable development is aligned with its 2020 Vision, through which the company aspires to become the world leader in sustainable chemicals. Braskem works to advance this leadership through regular investments in technology and innovation to ensure that it better serves society.

According to Jorge Soto, sustainable development director at Braskem, the theme of the green economy that will be at the center of discussions at Rio+20 shows that companies are no longer seen as merely the cause of environmental degradation, but are now recognized as part of the solution to these issues. This inclusion of economic and social aspects in the concept of sustainability also shows how thinking on this issue has matured.

"Achieving a green economy is impossible if the business community is not involved. At Braskem, we are constantly evolving on this front and believe that participation in business forums where these practices are discussed and shared is an excellent way to continue moving forward," he said.

Soto, who is a member of the Brazilian Committee of the Global Compact, the Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development and Business Action for Sustainable Development (a coalition of leading international business groups created specifically for Rio+20), said that all companies should ask how they can help advance sustainable development through their own business. "The answer to this question encourages reflection and actions that can create new business opportunities, whether in the form of lower costs, an expanded product portfolio or a larger relationship network, while also improving economic, environmental and social performance," noted Soto.

Braskem is a sponsor of some of the more important side-events at Rio+20:

BASD Business Day
Organized by the Business Action for Sustainable Development (BASD), which is formed by three large international business networks, BASD Business Day will bring together CEOs and other senior executives from large conglomerates to participate in a high-level panel. One of the themes will be creating a bridge between business leaders and policy-makers to promote interaction. Representatives from NGOs and government will also participate in the event.
Location: Windsor Barra Hotel, Rio de Janeiro
June 19

CEBDS Sustainable 2012 
Prior to the global conference, the Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development (CEBDS) will promote a debate on the main themes of Rio+20 and also consider the business vision for 2050.
Location: Espaço Tom Jobim, Rio de Janeiro
May 10

Global Compact Corporate Sustainability Forum
The NGO Global Compact is holding various workshops and thematic sessions linked to the Rio+20 agenda to strengthen the contribution made by companies to sustainable development.
Location: Windsor Barra Hotel, Rio de Janeiro
June 15 to 18

UFRJ / Coppe - The Future is Sustainable
This event will showcase the contributions made by the engineering sciences that help build a future that is more sustainable and equitable. The event will feature panels, plenary sessions, lectures, a talk show and expositions. It will also present the technologies, projects and solutions developed by COPPE (an engineering graduate school and research institute) and its partner institutions that contribute to sustainable development and poverty eradication.
Location: Parque dos Atletas, Rio de Janeiro
June 18 to 22

CNI - Meeting of Industry for Sustainability
The event consists of a set of actions being coordinated by the National Manufacturers' Confederation (CNI) to debate the themes on the Rio+20 agenda in order to mobilize Brazil's industrial sector. At Rio+20, the CNI will present its position on the issues being discussed and the advances achieved over the last 20 years in various industrial sectors on the path towards sustainable development.
Location: Hotel Sofitel, Rio de Janeiro
June 14

Other activities sponsored by Braskem at Rio+20

Science and technology
Braskem will also participate in the exposition "Innovation for Sustainable Development" being organized between June 15 and 21 by FINEP, a research and project finance mechanism linked to the Ministry of Science and Technology. FINEP works to promote economic and social development in Brazil by providing government support for Science, Technology and Innovation at companies, universities, technological institutions as well as other government and private institutions.

Recycling plant
In partnership with Cetrel, its environmental engineering arm, Braskem will install at the conference a functioning recycling plant that will transform plastic waste into furniture made from plastic wood. The recycling plant will be in operation from June 12 to 23 at Athletes Park (Parque dos Atletas), which is one of the focal points of the United Nations conference.
Those participating in the event will learn all about how plastic wood furniture is made, which looks very similar to furniture made from rustic wood. The waste products will be transformed into benches, planting boxes and waste containers. The initiative seeks to show new ways how plastic can be used to create a new post-consumer cycle for this material.

Support for the official event
Braskem will also be an official supplier of materials to Rio+20. The company will make available to event organizers 50,000 water bottles made from Green Plastic, which is manufactured using raw materials obtained 100% from renewable resources. Braskem will also supply 50,000 tote bags and 600 containers made from green polyethylene.