TEO Culture

Integrating and coordinating the work of team is a delicate form of art. This skill can be learned and developed by leaders that have certain values already incorporated. To orient them, Odebrecht developed the Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology (TEO) over a 65-year period, based on ethical, moral and conceptual foundations. Focused on Education and Work, TEO is a philosophy of life divided into Principles, Concepts and Criteria developed by Norberto Odebrecht. TEO emphasizes the willingness to serve, the capacity and desire to evolve and the will to surpass expected results. It also involves a planned delegation process, one based on trust and partnership between the Leaders and the Led. TEO guarantees the unified thinking and action of people working in different businesses, countries and cultural contexts. In this way, it is possible to meet Clients' needs, add value to shareholder equity, reinvest the achieved results and grow on different fronts.