The commitment to an ethical, integral and transparent action begins on Braskem's Board of Directors and should extend to all Members of the company. Continued support and commitment of leadership to good conduct are indispensable conditions for the promotion of a culture of ethics, integrity and transparency and respect for the laws, which must be strengthened and implemented at all levels of the company. By acting with ethics, integrity and transparency, leadership inspires other Members to act in accordance with these same principles, forming the basis of an effective compliance system.

Our compliance governance is structured as follows:


Compliance Committee

The Company's Compliance Committee of Braskem supports the Board of Directors regarding Braskem's ongoing commitment to act ethically, fully and transparently, in line with the best global practices and applicable laws, rules and regulations. The Committee is composed of four independent members of Braskem's Board of Directors, and its current structure is as follows:

 CC - Compliance Committee  Position in the Board   Independent*
  Julio Soares de Moura Neto (Committee Coordinator)   Board Member   Yes
  Gesner Oliveira   Board Member   Yes
  Paulo Roberto Vales de Souza   Board Member   Yes

*According to the rules detailed in the section "Overview" of the Corporate Governance

Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)

Braskem's Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) is responsible for the daily monitoring of the Compliance System and acts as a resource in all related matters. The Compliance area encompasses the following fronts: Compliance, Internal Controls, Corporate Risk Management and Internal Audit. The CCO responds to the Board of Directors and is led by the Coordinator of the Compliance Committee, seeking greater independence and autonomy in the conduct of its activities.

Ethics Committee

Braskem's Ethics Committee aims to support the Compliance Committee of the Board of Directors in the application of the rules of compliance in the Company, as well as in the evaluation of issues that involve violations of the commitment to act ethically, integrity and transparency in the Company.

Compliance System

The Compliance System supports the Members, aiming at the effective compliance between the commitment and the ethical, integral and transparent action.  It consists of a set of measures to prevent, detect and remedy Risks that do not conform to an ethical, integrated and transparent action. The Compliance System must be implemented by the Leaders in all activities and operations of the Company, and must be monitored systemically by the Board of Directors.

Internal rules of the Compliance Committee of Braskem S.A.

Global Compliance System Policy

Code of Conduct Braskem

Anti-Corruption Policy

Risk Management Policy

Code of Conduct for Third Parties Braskem

Transaction with Related Parties Braskem Policy




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