Braskem is ready to produce the higher-quality gasoline mandated by the ANP and expands its fuel portfolio

The product delivery higher vehicle efficiency and performance and complies with the new standards that as of August will require higher quality fuels

Braskem announces that it is ready to comply with the new resolution issued by the National Petroleum Agency (ANP), which establishes international quality standards for the gasoline sold in Brazil and will come into force on August 3, 2020.

From Braskem's perspective, the new standard is a step in the right direction of delivering to clients and the public higher quality and more efficient gasoline. "Increasing requirements such as octane rating and specific gravity will give Brazilian consumers access to a higher performance and more efficient fuel, said Cirilo Vieira, director of Braskem's Fuel Business.

In this context of the higher performance standards required by the regulatory agency and by society, in addition to being ready to delivery higher quality regular gasoline, Braskem announces an important expansion in its chemical product portfolio, with the production of premium gasoline for the Brazilian market. The high-octane fuel can be used in any vehicle, especially those with high-performance engines.

Braskem's type A premium gasoline is produced at its Petrochemical Complex in the ABC region of Greater São Paulo. The high octane rating, which indicates how much the fuel resists the high pressures inside the engine's combustion chamber, is the main property of Braskem's premium gasoline and gives vehicles better conditions to achieve the performance designed by manufacturers.  

As mandated by the ANP, the product is sold to the country's fuel distributors, which add ethanol to the blend and sell the type C premium gasoline to service stations, most of which are located in São Paulo state. There also is excellent potential for growth in demand and distribution to other regions of the country.

The advances in the area are part of the business strategy guided by innovation and the development of new products to make Braskem even more competitive.

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