Braskem believes that valuing the Human Being and its differences is essential to guarantee the diversity in our environment, which, in addition to generating better relations between people, contributes to the creativity and innovation necessary for the growth and perpetuity of the Organization, also collaborating with the fair and equitable development of society.

We aim to promote a collaborative and inclusive work environment, free of prejudice and discrimination. Thus, the Diversity Program has different fronts, each with its specific goal:

Front Goal
Gender Equity Promoting gender equality through equal opportunities and the empowerment of women.
Race and Ethnicity Promoting a work environment free of discrimination based on race and ethnicity, encouraging the inclusion and empowerment of the black and the brown population.
LGBT Promoting an inclusive work environment, free of sexual discrimination and gender identity, which guarantees equal opportunities and rights.
Socioeconomic Young Apprentice Program: including young people from 18 to 24 years of age in social vulnerability, offering the first job opportunity, developing them through education for and by work.
Desabled people Acting on the inclusion of people with disabilities and reinforcing Braskem's commitment to social responsibility and human rights.


As a way of consolidating its commitment to promoting diversity and aligning practices and actions with the guidelines of leading institutions, Braskem is today a signatory of the commitments with Women Empowerment Principles, UN Women and the Global Compact, the Gender and Race Pro-Equity Program and the Brazilian Federal Government, in addition to being the first large Brazilian company to become a signatory of the LGBT Companies and Rights initiative. 

Check below some figures from Braskem:     
22% of women, with 23% of them in leadership roles. 
29% of black people, with 13% of them in leadership roles.