Braskem's Green Plastic now in chairs released by Tramontina

Made from sugarcane, the material has the same strength, durability and weight of conventional plastic

Jet and Paco line chair.

Combining design sophistication with environmentally friendly practices is the proposal of the Jet and Paco chairs, a result of the partnership between Braskem and Tramontina. The products are made with the I'm GreenT Green Plastic, a sustainable innovation by the petrochemical company, being the first renewable polyethylene (PE) to be produced on an industrial scale in the world.
Paco Line
The green resin, made from ethylene obtained from sugarcane, has the same physical characteristics as those of conventional PE and can be fully utilized by the traditional recycling chain. Its main differentiator is the capture of 3.09 metric tons of CO2 for each metric ton produced, thus contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. Additionally, the green polyethylene does not degrade, that is, what is captured remains fixed throughout the entire product life cycle.
Jet Line
With the same strength, durability and weight of chairs made from fossil plastic, the Jet and Paco lines feature Braskem's I'm GreenT seal, allowing consumers to recognize the products made with Green Plastic, produced in its plant located in Triunfo, Rio Grande do Sul (RS). The plant has a capacity to produce 200,000 metric tons of renewable resin per year.

To achieve this differentiator, the items produced must undergo a carbon-14 dating test, the same used to determine the age of fossil materials found across the world. This evaluation is carried out in New York, and to be approved, items are required to contain at least 51% of renewable material.

The Jet and Paco chairs are already being marketed both online and in physical stores. To find out where to find them, please visit .

About Braskem
With a global, human-oriented vision of the future, Braskem's 8,000 members strive every day to improve people's lives by creating sustainable solutions in chemistry and plastics. It is the largest resin producer in the Americas, with an annual output of 20 million metric tons, including basic chemicals and petrochemicals, and R$50 billion in revenue in 2017. It exports to Customers in approximately 100 countries and operates 41 industrial units, located in Brazil, the United States, Germany, and Mexico - the latter in partnership with Mexico-based company Idesa.

About Tramontina
Synonymous with tradition and trust for 107 years, Tramontina started as a small iron mill in southern Brazil, in the city of Carlos Barbosa (RS). Currently, it produces over 18,000 items in ten plants across the country - eight in Rio Grande do Sul, one in Belém (PA), and one in Recife (PE). Currently, it has over 8,000 employees working in various areas and plants of the company. One of the most popular brands among Brazilians, it takes its products to more than 120 countries, either through utensils and equipment for kitchen, home appliances, tools for agriculture, gardening, industrial and automotive maintenance, utility vehicles, construction, electrical materials, and wood or plastic furniture.

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