Our purpose is to improve people’s lives by creating sustainable solutions through chemicals and plastics. Therefore, our product portfolio seeks to meet the key demands of our clients safely and efficiently while focusing on performance and productivity.

In this section, you find product lines available in Brazil. Discover the products available in the other regions through the following links.
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Product lines


Produced mainly from petroleum naphtha, these products are sold in more than 70 countries worldwide, with a commercial structure that meets the demands of a wide range of industries.

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I'm green™

Discover our portfolio of products that represents a revolution in the way plastic resins are produced. It is the result of our continuous commitment and investment in innovation and research to find the best solutions to benefit the planet and society.

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Olefins & Aromatics

Olefins and Aromatics are of great importance to the petrochemical chain. Braskem’s products are widely used in the chemical industry as base materials for essential sectors of the economy.

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Braskem is the largest producer of resins in the Americas and stands out for its technology and innovation. It is a pioneer in products from renewable sources that create value throughout the production chain.

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Aligned with our circular economy strategy, we develop sustainable solvents, such as recycled solvents and those made from renewable sources, to meet our customers’ primary needs.

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Wenew: our portfolio of circular solutions

Braskem ecosystem that represents products, technology, and initiatives that are helping drive the circular economy.

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UTEC is an Ultra-high Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) product line manufactured exclusively by Braskem. Its extremely high molecular weight provides UTEC with several outstanding properties, such as: high abrasion wear resistance, high impact resistance, and very low coefficient of friction that makes the material self -lubricating.

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