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Product Stewardship

Product Stewardship ensures the ethical management of the health, safety, and environmental (HSE) aspects of Braskem products throughout their life cycle, to protect value chain stakeholders.


Our mission is to champion product safety and product sustainability by:

  • Facilitating a chemical risk management
  • science-based process
  • Reducing or eliminating chemical hazards in our products
  • Improving transparency of product safety and product regulatory information for value chain outreach
  • Incorporating Product Stewardship principles in product design for sustainability
  • Executing global compliance requirements



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Regulatory Compliance

Braskem is committed to ensuring applicable chemical compliance requirements and regulations are met and transparent product safety information is provided for its products. As our products are sold into various market applications, we are also committed to providing appropriate regulatory compliance information to our customers to support those market applications. Our compliance journey starts with raw material approvals through final product assessments. Braskem Regulatory Information Sheets (RIS) and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for many of our products can be found at Braskem's Product Search .

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Risk management

Through our voluntary commitment to Responsible Care®, Braskem ensures that our products are safe throughout their entire lifecycle. This is achieved with active stewardship to understand potential environmental, health, and safety impacts to drive continuous improvement and sustainable product safety management. Key components include understanding intended uses, providing product safety and hazard information, evaluating potential exposures, and employing risk management strategies.

Our Product Stewardship Risk Management strategy includes hazard characterization, risk characterization and prioritization, product stewardship review of risks and risk mitigation management.

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Design for Sustainability

Braskem aims to meet its sustainability commitments through sustainable innovation investments where proactive incorporation of product safety and product stewardship aspects in early stages of development are of paramount importance.

As part of its innovation efforts, we are utilizing the Sustainability Index for its portfolio of Innovation and Technology (I&T) projects where one of the dimensions of that index is focused on Product Safety. This is a dedicated effort to actively seek ways to eliminate or minimize the hazardous substances in our products and new product offerings.


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