The market accounts for no less than 20% of Brazil’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and is responsible for generating 37% of the jobs in the country. Therefore, plastic and chemical applications in agriculture are also a major business for Braskem. We are thus continually investing in solutions and technologies to support the advancement of agriculture.

Braskem’s portfolio features a number of solutions to companies from different fronts in the industry. Polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and PVC solutions assist in protected growing, protection & storage, irrigation, and infrastructure. The line of solvents has applications as pesticides, vegetable oil extraction, and dehydration of ethanol.

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Mulching is a double-sided agricultural film based on polyethylene and special additives and used for ground cover. Its main functions are to control the growth of weeds and maintain the moisture and temperature of the ground. Thus, mulching reduces water and energy consumption in irrigation, promotes better development of the plant, and generates higher productivity.

Fruit Bagging

Nonwoven bags for fruit bagging are made from polypropylene and prevent attacks by insects and other pests, assisting in increasing productivity and fruit quality. They also provide protection against extreme weather conditions.

Silo Bag

The flexible polyethylene tunnel for grain storage creates an atmosphere without oxygen that prevents the development of pests and insects. The solution is also presented in a version made with green plastic. The silo bag keeps the quality of the product stored for up to 12 months and allows the sorting of batches.

Dripper tube

Polyethylene hoses allow localized water delivery and even distribution. The process reduces losses by evaporation and may use up to half of the water volume normally used in other irrigation systems.

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