Braskem Brazil Portfolio

Braskem focuses its solutions on market segments and product lines, with comprehensive portfolios of plastic resins and chemical products. Choose the Business Segment or the Product Line, find the file and download it in PDF format.

Olefins and Aromatics

Line of EVA Resins

Proxess 2606 and Proxess 1806S3

High surface gloss solution for rigid packaging

Stretch and Shrink Films

Braskem solution for stretch films

Technical Films for Automatic Packaging

EVA Copolymer Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

HF0131XP Braskem solution for the refrigerator market

Rotational molding

New Braskem Solution for Shrink Films

Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene

High transparency polypropylene

Adding sustainable value

Housewares PP and PE

Thermoformed and Disposable Packaging

Polypropylene Grids for Household Appliances

Textiles and Fibers

Polypropylene Grids for Composites

Vinyls - Property Tables

PE WAX - i'm green / bio-based

Sustainable Solvents

Oxygenated solvent solution for the Paints and Adhesives market

Solutions for adhesives and sealants

Plastic solutions for Agribusiness

Solution for high performance rubber compounds

Chemical solutions for the rubber market

PIB Braskem as a gas barrier

Plastic solutions for Sanitation

Construction Finishes - PVC and Laminat

Constructive System | Concrete - PVC

Plastic Solutions for Construction

PIB and Film Strecht

Plastic Solutions for Industry

Chemical solutions for the lubricant market

Polyolefins for cap production

Chemical solutions for the paint market


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