Braskem launches pilot project with R-Cycle recycling standard

The recycling of plastics is generally more complex than it appears to the end user.

Different plastics, colors and materials used for production of plastic packaging with different packaging content (food, chemicals) makes it difficult to turn them back into a high-quality feedstock that can be used unconditionally.

The R-Cycle standard aims to change that. In cooperation with 3 further companies, a data environment is being created with which complete documentation of all recycling-relevant packaging properties can be used. Practical testing is now starting in many pilot projects. And we are part of it!

The rise of digitalization is also the rise of Big or Smart Data - all important data can be retrieved and used in the shortest possible time. R-Cycle aims to apply this principle to plastic recycling as well. Through a worldwide data standard and advanced marking technologies, manufacturers of plastic products can provide all recycling-relevant information from each production step directly on the product - and thus enable sorting plant operators to sort even more precisely and to recycle the raw material plastic to an even higher quality. This is an extremely important factor in the development of a fully comprehensive Circular Economy, which we are striving for.

For this reason, we are an active part of a pilot project in which the R-Cycle concept is being put into practice. Together with the companies Kautex Maschinenbau, Textron and Morssinkhof, we have initiated the project "Smart PCR packaging in Blow Molding" in which the complete value chain is mapped, from the provision of the recycled raw material to the production of the packaging and processing in the recycling plant. The goal: the production of recycling-friendly canisters in the blow molding process up to 5L volume. In this process, each company takes on a central task and transfers the corresponding data into R-Cycle: We take care of the supply of the feedstock, which consists of a post-consumer recycled material and our I'm greenTM bio-based material. Kautex Maschinenbau manufactures the blow molding machine, Textron the packaging and Morssinkhof recycles the product back into usable feedstock.

R-Cycle creates an important international standard to implement processes across industries and make them the standard of any value chain. An important building block on the way to the Circular Economy, not only for us.