The concept of circularity is based on the idea of closing cycles, inspired by the cyclical logic of nature.

In this way, when we manage to separate growth from the consumption of finite resources, capturing the value of waste and reinserting it back into the economy as new products, we give life to the circular economy.

This flow is unlike the traditional, linear economy, whose logic is linked to extraction, production and disposal, without necessarily considering recycling and waste recovery in an economic context.

The transition to the circular economy of plastics

We believe that waste recovery through recycling is a powerful and necessary strategy to close the life cycle of these materials and we are really committed to making it work, fostering the circular economy and eliminating plastic waste.

We know this is a joint mission and we are working towards being a strong contributor in it.

Through the growing offer of recycled products with high performance in quality and safety, the development of technologies that represent new industry standards, the encouragement of conscious consumption and disposal and actions aimed at thinking about the design and life cycle of products, our goal is to consolidate and strengthen initiatives in this direction.

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