Education for conscious
consumption and proper disposal

A circular economy with social impact? Yes, this is what we seek by investing in actions to encourage conscious consumption and proper disposal of plastic waste.

Disruptive technologies to transform the world

Innovative technologies capable of transforming industrial processes, accelerating the circular economy of plastic, and working towards sustainable development are targets of our studies. We are investing to go further!

Innovative proprietary technology for chemical recycling

We are developing a technology that enables the production of plastics and chemicals from a circular process with CO2 reduction compared to the traditional model of chemical recycling.

The process, which uses a unique catalyst and incorporates efficient heat management, reduces the need for external energy sources by acting as a scissor, which breaks down plastic waste into basic chemicals that are then used to produce the plastics found in different everyday objects.

The pilot project is planned for 2025 and the technology should be available at scale by 2030.

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Circular design

The essence of the circular economy involves original, accessible, and interconnected activities, such as circular design. After all, rethinking product and packaging design is a task that involves responding to challenges, embracing new ideas, sharing and gaining knowledge.

Discover Cazoolo, Braskem’s collaborative space for circular design

Cazoolo is the first Circular Economy Packaging Development Center in Brazil. It opened in 2022, in São Paulo, and is a space for brands, industries, start-ups, universities, and designers to jointly think about the packaging design stage, based on Design for Environment (DfE) and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) concepts.

Discover Cazoolo, an initiative that connects with Braskem’s circular economy ecosystem.

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