Industries in which Braskem operates

Learn about the various applications of the raw materials that we produce that are essential to people’s daily lives.


Braskem’s broad polypropylene (PP) portfolio meets the needs of today’s sophisticated automotive and compounding applications.

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Braskem offers an array of polypropylene (PP) products that provide excellent mechanical and optical properties for consumer applications, such as furniture, toys, and housewares.

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Braskem has an expansive polypropylene (PP) portfolio that helps our clients achieve success in today’s complex film extrusion applications.

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Polypropylene is an advanced plastic with unique properties that make it an ideal choice for a wide range of industrial applications such as building & construction, pipe, and agriculture.

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Braskem has a large array of polypropylene (PP) products in our portfolio that can be used in lifesaving applications, such as surgical masks and hospital dressing gowns, by offering exceptional properties.

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Braskem’s polypropylene (PP) portfolio meets the needs of today’s sophisticated rigid packaging applications.

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3D printing: meet Xtellar

Xtellar was estabilished in 2023, combining the Braskem 3D materials division and Taulman 3D, allowing increased flexibility to accelerate additive manufacturing innovation through strategic partnerships and new growth channels.

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Braskem is one of the largest suppliers of chemical and petrochemical products in the world, recognized for its focus on sustainable development, innovation and quality.

We believe in lasting partnerships, we have a broad portfolio of products and we work together with our clients to create new practical and sustainable solutions in all markets.

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