Around the world, Braskem’s portfolio offers essential items for people’s daily needs in different market segments. We have assets with geographical diversity to ensure a consistent and ratable supply of quality products for your processes and applications.

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Braskem's products are used in many applications across a variety of segments that touch our daily lives.

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Together with our clients, we seek synergy, encourage collaboration, diversify and optimize knowledge and resources, creating a world of possibilities and contributing to the evolution and strengthening of their businesses.

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Braskem focuses its solutions on market segments and product lines.

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Check out global information about LCA studies, product handling, among others.

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See the complete characteristics of Braskem products.

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Braskem is one of the largest suppliers of chemical and petrochemical products in the world, recognized for its focus on sustainable development, innovation and quality.

We believe in lasting partnerships, we have a broad portfolio of products and we work together with our clients to create new practical and sustainable solutions in all markets.

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