A tour through the plastics chain at Feiplastic

The Company's interactive booth at the trade fair will focus on innovation in the industry and partnerships developed with Clients

Braskem, the leading thermoplastic resins producer in the Americas and the world's largest biopolymers producer, will use its participation at the plastics trade fair Feiplastic 2013 to showcase to visitors solutions made from plastic that are creating new paradigms for a wide range of industries. Celebrating one decade of operations, Braskem's presence at the fair reflects its intense efforts in researching and developing new products and possibilities for enhancing its portfolio. 

Braskem will present its products divided into 26 different catalogues. Visitors can learn about the various applications for polyethylene, polypropylene and PVC resins in products, which will be showcased in a special display that gives Clients the opportunity to see how they were used to create solutions for the packaging, leisure, construction, automotive and other industries. All of the plastic materials used to create Braskem's booth will also be identified.

The main highlight will be the Braskem Maxio® line, which was created to differentiate the Company's portfolio of resins that offer efficiency gains for the plastics chain and reduce environmental impacts caused by manufacturing processes. Benefits include reducing energy consumption by lowering processing temperatures, shorter production cycles, the elimination of production phases and lower use of raw materials, while maintaining the properties of the final product. Today, 12 polypropylene and EVA resins currently form this more competitive and more sustainable family, but the goal is to expand the line and include new products.

Another innovation to be introduced at Feiplastic is the plastic seal for beverage cans. Launched by Cervejaria Colônia and developed by the packaging company Companhia Brasileira de Embalagens (CBE) and Braskem, the innovative solution completely seals the top of beer cans and keeps the surface hygienic, while also being 100% recyclable.
The product's development will also allow for adopting a thermal sensibility feature that indicates when the can's content reaches the ideal temperature, while offering the option of various colors and printed images and texts.

All of the resins to be launched during the fair are featured in Braskem's catalogues, which will be made available to visitors though touchscreen panels. Clients can also select the content of their interest and have it sent to their personal e-mails.

Braskem will also maintain a lecture hall during the entire event that will host informative lectures on themes of particular relevance to the plastics chain. The goal is to share best practices, market trends and new business opportunities with its Clients in the manufacturing industry in order to boost competitiveness and quality throughout the chain. The lectures are free and open to the fair public, with visitors only needing to complete a simple registration. The lecture panels will include presentations by the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) on financing facilities for the plastics chain; rotomolding, with international expert Paul Nugent; basic sanitation, featuring Instituto Trata Brasil; family succession; and engineering finance for innovation.