Braskem gathers researchers from around the world to discuss science and technology for the chemical and plastic industry

Braskem's 3rd Technology & Innovation Conference in Porto Alegre to present research conducted in Brazil, United States and Europe

Research projects and scientific advances in the technological development of chemistry and plastics will be presented on October 4 and 5 in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul by technology researchers and engineers from all Braskem units worldwide. This third edition of the conference, which is held every two years, is bringing together 240 participants from Brazil, United States, Mexico and Germany. The research projects conducted at Braskem lead to new polymers and chemicals that meet the specific needs of a wide array of industries, such as automotive, agriculture, packaging, as well as of various other applications for products made from plastic resins.

In all, 120 research projects will be presented. According to Fabio Lamon, Braskem's global polymer science leader and one of the person in charge of the organization, the conference fosters the exchange of knowledge and expertise among Team Members. This, in turn, promotes the development of new ideas and the capture of synergies, with the combination of competencies and good practices supporting the development of new technologies at all Braskem sites around the world.

"Our organization and the global innovation efforts allow us to maximize the key capabilities in each region to achieve continuous advances in the research and development of innovative solutions that improve people's lives," said Lamon. The two best full papers presented at the conference are going to be honor with the Technology Excellence Award.

Two prominent professionals has invited to speak. French scientist Philippe Marlière, who holds PhD in biochemistry and is a member of Braskem's Scientific Advisory Board, is a pioneer in the development of synthetic biology approaches for reprogramming metabolism and evolving the genetic code of microorganisms. The technology has many applications, such as producing microorganisms that help to produce biofuels and even medicines. Marlière works to promote technological innovation as a means to reach a sustainable, safe and equitable economy.

Carsten Boers is a entrepreneur and founder of Rhapsody Venture Partners, an investment fund based in Boston, Massachusetts. Over the past five years, he has built a portfolio of investments in startups with potentially breakthrough scientific innovation and, as a consultant and executive, has helped companies take their new technologies to market. The investor excelled in the technology industry already at age 24, when he co-founded the western world's first mobile marketing company, Flytxt.

Braskem's Global Innovation & Technology Structure has over 300 employees; 7 pilot plants; one Renewable Chemicals Research Center in Campinas, São Paulo; two Innovation & Technology Centers, one in Triunfo, Rio Grande do Sul and one in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; two technical centers, one in Wesseling, Germany and one in Coatzacoalcos, Mexico; and one Center for the Development of Process Technologies in Mauá, São Paulo.

In December 2016, Braskem's Innovation portfolio contained 334 projects for the development of new products and processes, with aggregate net present value of US$2.6 billion. In the same year, Braskem filed ten new patent applications and 73 patent extensions, bringing the total number of patent documents filed over its history to 1,030.

Working globally to strengthen its presence in the main innovation ecosystems of the regions where it operates, Braskem seeks to maximize its innovation results by synergically combining competencies with each region's natural vocation for technological research and development, while promoting integration across its various units.