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Press Releases • February 6, 2019

Sealed Air wins award with help from Braskem's I'm green Polyethylene

Plant-Based Polyethylene Foam wins 2018 AmeriStar Award

The Institute of Packaging Professionals awarded Sealed Air the 2018 AmeriStar Award for its EcoPureTM solution made with Braskem's Green Polyethylene. EcoPure delivers performance properties equal to those of non-bio-based polyethylene foams. It has the potential to reduce the carbon footprint value while delivering superior cushioning and product protection.

In 2017, Sealed Air, the global leader in protective packaging solutions, partnered with Braskem in search of a new-to-world formula for renewable polyethylene foam. Since the beginning of the synergy, EcoPure has become a sustainable packaging option for a multitude of application needs in the consumer electronics, medical equipment and temperature assurance markets among others.

"We are fortunate to have fostered a relationship with Braskem that has allowed us to learn and share ideas which align with our sustainability strategy," said Dr. N.S. Ramesh, Senior Engineering Fellow at Sealed Air, who developed EcoPure using Braskem's plant-based resin.

Sealed Air aims to advance its strategy and develop a more efficient and sustainable supply chain for the industries the company serves. Sealed Air's vision to improve lives by creating sustainable solutions perfectly aligns with the mission of Braskem.

"Braskem's partnership with Sealed Air has allowed us to showcase how we collaborate with other corporations in order to bring beneficial change to the marketplace and enable our partners do great things," said Joseph Jankowski, Green PE Account Manager.

"Sealed Air continues to look for sustainable resources and intends to explore the application of films for future products," Ramesh said.

This opportunity has allowed both Braskem and Sealed Air to grow and innovate together. Braskem is proud to partner with Sealed Air and contribute to such a successful achievement. The renewable polyethylene foam is only the beginning of the partnerships successful innovations and hopes to continue to innovate together in the future.

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