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Press Releases • May 5, 2021

EDF Renewables starts operation of the wind power complex that will supply the Braskem's demand

Folha Larga Norte will supply renewable energy to Braskem for 20 years, according to power purchase agreement (PPA).

The Folha Larga Norte Wind Power Complex, located in Campo Formoso (state of Bahia, BA), is the third venture of EDF Renewables to come into operation in Brazil. With more than BRL 1.5 billion in investments, Folha Larga Norte has 2 phases that amount to 82 wind generators and an installed capacity of 344 MW, equivalent to the energy consumption of approximately 850,000 Brazilian homes. 

Construction of the wind farm included the implementation of a recruitment and training plan of local labor, so that the residents in the direct influence area of the project would be capable of taking advantage of the opportunities. Hiring peak for the venture reached more than 800 people, of which 67% was local labor. During the project, various social and environmental actions were carried out, such as setting up a plant nursery with more than 15,000 seedlings growing 20 species that are typical of the caatinga, such as licuri, umbra tree, brauna, yopo and mastic, which represent the typical caatinga vegetation, 100% Brazilian biome. 

Folha Larga Norte was made possible by energy sale contracts in the Brazilian government auctions ACR A-4/2018 and ACR A-6/2018 and in the free market by concluding a commitment with Braskem as anchor consumer, in addition to other agents. According to the agreement, the largest petrochemical company in the Americas committed to buy energy from the EDF Renewables project over 20 years in a renewable power purchase agreement (Renewable PPA). 

"Renewable energy contracting on the free market enables companies to contribute decisively to energy transition, besides promoting significant impacts on business and social improvements in the project surroundings. The energy purchase and sale agreement with Braskem demonstrates our competitiveness and positions us as a key player in renewable energy in Brazil", says Paulo Abranches, EDF Renewables CEO in Brazil.

"Our goal is to be among the best chemical industries in the world in terms of energy consumption and intensity, strengthening our position as a key renewable source energy user. We recently undertook the commitment to become carbon neutral by 2050 and having renewable energy matrix in our operations is an essential part of that process. The partnership with EDF Renewables is a milestone in that journey, which will give us an estimated reduction of 280,000 tons of CO2 over the 20 years of the agreement", states Gustavo Checcucci, Energy Director at Braskem.

"The partnership with EDF Renewables satisfies important premises of the company's sustainable operations. Besides a more effective contribution towards enabling new sources of renewable energy in the Brazilian and Braskem's energy matrix, the construction of the plant contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions, strengthens social and economic development of the interior of the state of Bahia", explains Checcucci.

Folha Larga Norte takes EDF Renewables to 527 MW from wind power projects in operation. In the Brazilian Northeast, the company has the expansion of the Ventos da Bahia Wind Farm (182 MW), located more than 300 km from Salvador (BA), and the Serra do Seridó Wind Farm (242 MW) in Junco do Seridó (state of Paraíba, PB), both under construction. Brazil represents a strategic market for EDF Renewables. Established in Brazil six years ago, the company has reached 1.3 GW from wind and solar energy projects, in operation and under construction, in the states of Bahia, Minas Gerais and Paraíba. 

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