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Press Releases • 16 de Maio de 2022

New Braskem campaign highlights the importance of advanced recycling for a more sustainable world

The campaign produced by Publicis explains, in straightforward clear language, company technology and investments in advanced recycling, and its contribution towards accelerating circular economy


Braskem announces its investments in advanced recycling. To explain this technology to the public and what the differential is, the company has invested in a video campaign, produced by Publicis, which illustrates the process in detail.

Aligned with UN sustainable development goals, Braskem has undertaken new ESG commitments for 2030 and 2050, firmly guided by solutions for a transition towards circular economy. The company has set plastic waste elimination as its goal by expanding production and marketing of 1 million tons of thermoplastic resins and chemical products with recycled content by 2030 - and advanced recycling will decisively contribute towards this.

Advanced recycling consists of a process that transforms plastic waste into circular raw material for manufacturing new plastic or chemical products, resulting in less waste in the environment.

"Advanced recycling enables turning plastic waste that is more difficult for mechanical recycling, into certified circular raw material. This initiative is supplementary to mechanical recycling, directly related to the Braskem strategy of eliminating plastic waste and a major step towards achieving our sustainable development goals. In partnership with highly qualified companies to expand advanced recycling and accelerate circular economy, we develop initiatives that contribute to joining the links of the production chain and creating solutions for a more sustainable future", says Edison Terra, VP of Olefins and Polyolefins at Braskem South America.

"The new campaign shows this approach in an interesting way, with straightforward, accessible and clear language on the advanced recycling process, underlining the importance of investing in innovation in order to accelerate Circular Economy, and, as a result, contributing towards eliminating plastic waste from the environment", explains Ana Laura Sivieri, Braskem Marketing and Communications Director.

The first video of the campaign is to be shown on Globo News and CNN. There is also additional investment in Branded Content in key business and economy players in Brazil, such as Info Money, Money Times, Seu Dinheiro, Bloomberg and Estadão. On digital media, the campaign is to be extended on LinkedIn, YouTube and Mídia Programática.

Over the next two months, two more videos will be shown on the topic reporting on partnerships and a unique technology developed by Braskem. The second video will focus on Braskem partnerships to achieve this goal, such as with Valoren, a technology development company as well as waste management for transformation into recycled products, for construction of the first advanced recycling plant in Brazil. The new facility, with a joint outlay of BRL 44 million, will transform non-mechanically recyclable plastic waste by means of a pyrolysis process into certified circular raw material, which will be used in the production of new virgin resins or chemical products. The facility is located in Indaiatuba (SP) and is set to go online in the first quarter of 2023, with circular production capacity of 6,000 tons/year.

The third video in the campaign will report on Braskem's pioneering and proprietary technology, which, besides contributing to eliminating plastic waste, it is also relevant in terms of the company goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

Watch the first campaign video at:

Technical information on the two agencies

Client: Braskem

Product: Institutional

Campaign: Advanced Recycling

Title: Braskem Advanced Recycling


CCO: Domenico Massareto 

ECD: Dani Ribeiro and Fábio Astolpho

DC: Arturo Marenda and Deh Bastos

Creation and Content: Renato Botelho and Otávio Mastrogiuseppe

Account VP: Gabriela Borges 

Account Service: Beatriz Pedrosa, Mariana Corrales and Bárbara Medrado


Media VP: Mauricio Almeida 

Media: Ester Ribeiro, Renata Oliveira, Felipe Peres, Vanessa Vieira, Bruna Moraes and Fernanda Lima

Head of Production: Renata Sayão

RTV: Luize Oliveira, Renan Salles and Edivânia Coimbra

Artbuyer: Raphael Macedo

Tech and Project Head: Márcio Bueno

Projects: Rafael Mello, André Medeiros and Thais Bertoldo



CCO: Rafael Pitanguy

ECD: Rafael Gil, Rodrigo Almeida

Creation Director: Guilherme Aché

Editor: Chico Veron

Art Director: Diego Silva

ACCOUNT SERVICE: Leo Balbi, Paula Americano and Samia Derbas.

RTV: Nicole Godoy | Anderson Rocha | Ian Inglez.


Producer: Piloto

Director: Daniel Soro and Alexandre Chalabi

Executive production director: Natalia Souza

Executive production: Ciça Bertoche and Larissa Luisi

Executive production assistant: Willian Sousa

Account Service: Regina Knapp, Roberta Frederico and Marília Raffaeli

Head of Post: Rafael Bozzi

Post Project Manager: Ana Flavia Monteiro

Post Project Analyst: Hugo Ferriolli

Finishing: Poliana Pompeo and Kevin Crauford

Finishing Assistants: Junior Fernandes and Rafael Cereda

Artwork assistant: Victor Further and Tais Nonato

Storyboard: Danilo "Cheng"

Illustration, Motion and Composition: Estúdio Mol

Audio Production: A9 Audio

Musical Production Director: Apollo Nove

Musical Production: Equipe A9

Account Service: Nicole Bonani

Narrator: Steffanie Ventura (PT)

Pamela Martini (UK EN)

Kaley Michelle (US EN)

Client Approval: Marcelo Arantes, Ana Laura Sivieri, Ana Luiza Leite, Pier Pesce, Carolina Pignata, Marina Lacerda, Beatriz Geraldes and Mariana Motta.


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