Climate Changes

CDP Water and Climate


CDP Investor

In 2017, Braskem was identified as a global leader in corporate sustainability and was one of 25 companies worldwide to join CDP's "List A" for Climate and Water. The list is reserved for publicly traded companies that have excellent management in climate change and water resources.

CDP Supplier 2016

CDP Supply Chain

Braskem obtained two acknowledgments in 2016 regarding the engagement of its suppliers in climate change. For the first time, it joined List "A" of CDP Supply Chain Global and the list of the 29 companies with the best practices in the theme, a new ranking created by CDP, after an evaluation of practices of 3.3 thousand companies worldwide.

GHG Protocol 2016 Ouro

GHG Protocol Brazilian Program

Braskem's GHG emissions inventory received for the seventh consecutive year the Gold classification of the Brazilian GHG Protocol Program, due to the coverage of the emissions of scope 1, 2, and 3 with independent external verification. The classification was granted in 2017, based on the last inventory from 2016, calculated by Braskem.