Climate Changes

Braskem has developed a study to identify risks and opportunities in 100% of its operations, which allows the definition of plans to adapt to climate change in order to mitigate risks and increase opportunities.

This is a comprehensive adaptation plan that works on five fronts:

  • Internal engagement;
  • External articulation;
  • Obtaining information;
  • Interpreting information;
  • Expansion of risk management with the incorporation of climate variables in Braskem's strategic planning.

The chart below shows the number of climate risk scenarios identified by Braskem with the support of external consultants, classified as high at two different times: the present (represented by 2015) and the future (2040).

Potenciais Cenários de Risco

In order to better understand the potential impacts that climate change has on its business and to be part of the solution, Braskem validated with its leadership the rich climate potential and the respective actions necessary for more relevant risks. This mapping was done considering all the company's plants in Brazil.

The action numbers defined and in progress are shown in the table below.

Visão Geral

Table that represents the overview of the Adaptation Plan for Climate Change of Braskem's plants in Brazil.