We invest in new talent.

Fostering the development of young professionals is one of Braskem's priorities. That's why we offer many opportunities for those wanting to start their careers at a large company and develop new skills and competencies.

Associate Program

The Associate Program aims to groom a new generation of entrepreneurs with every class. This two and a half year rotational program is targeted at recent graduates with the following profile:

Engineering Associate - Individuals with an educational background in chemical or mechanical engineering who are interested in working in a manufacturing environment.

What does the program offer?

In addition to learning about the Company's structure and guidelines, the Associates participating in our program learn how to work independently, setting and pursuing goals as if they owned the business. Associates have the opportunity to participate in structured training modules such as Interpersonal Skills, Six Sigma, and cultural training in order to further develop.

The program is structured around two rotations with project work being the backbone of the rotation. Each Associate will have the opportunity to lead at least two value added projects for their group.

How do I apply?

Braskem Team Members will be on local campuses each fall for Career Fairs and Information Sessions. Available positions will be posted on each schools' career website. If the position is not listed the listing can be found on our Opportunities page .

We will conduct first round interviews at the end of each September/beginning of October in preparation for final interviews in late October.

The final interview process is a two day event that takes place in Philadelphia, PA. Candidates will get the opportunity to network with current Braskem Leaders and Associates, learn more about the culture, and visit one of our manufacturing sites.

The newest class of Associates will be determined in November of each year for a start date the following June.

Brazil Scientific Mobility Program (formally Science Without Borders)

Braskem America is proud to be a proponent and participant in the Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program. This program allows students in Brazil to spend a year studying and working in the United States. The Science without Borders Internship is Braskem's opportunity for Brazilian students to work during the summer. You must be a part of the Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program in order to apply for the Science without Borders Internship Program.

The Science without Borders Internship Program occurs during the summer between May and August. Applications will be accepted from February-March and selection will take place in March. The number of positions available will be based on the current project needs within Braskem.

Job descriptions will be posted on the IIE website:

The projects that are typically delegated to an intern will increase in challenge and responsibility throughout the program. These projects will be part of the overall Action Program of the group and will have true value add potential for the business.

The program will provide interaction with a technical mentor/leader that will assist with questions during the timeframe of the program. Interns will also interact with various stakeholders - operators and other Team Members -who will be utilizing the results from various projects.

Braskem's culture views constant communication between Team Members and Leaders as the most important form of communication. Interns will have the ability to interact with Leaders on a daily basis. Interns will also have the opportunity to present project work to cross functional Leaders at the culmination of the internship.

Internship Program

Our internship program is a great way to get a taste of the working world and what a career at Braskem might be like. This is a very hands-on internship. This is a chance to develop skills, gain understanding of the workplace, and build a foundation from which to launch your career.

What does the program offer?

Our internships last three months and feature an Individual Development Program. All participants receive assessment, evaluation and feedback on their performance. The program includes training, interaction with work teams and both current and former Associates, intern peer meetings, official presentations, social events with the leadership team and the interns' direct participation in projects with constant guidance from their Leaders. Its strong points are valuing people, encouraging lifelong learning through work, and a dynamic that fosters students' professional and personal growth.

In addition to imparting knowledge and corporate experience, the Internship Program also encourages students to hone their skills. Braskem believes that academic knowledge and practice should be completed together because they provide the best education for interns, empowering them for leadership roles in their future careers.

How do I apply?

Braskem's Internship Program occurs during the summer between May and August. Braskem Team Members will be on campus for spring and Internship career fairs in January and February. Applications will be accepted from January-February and selection will take place in March. The number of positions available will be based on the current needs within Braskem.

Available positions will be posted on local schools' career websites and on our Opportunities page .