Braskem joins the Renewable Carbon Initiative to support its journey toward a net-zero circular economy by 2050

Rotterdam, 25 January 2023 - Braskem, the global leader in biobased polymer production, has joined the Renewable Carbon Initiative as part of its commitment to achieve carbon neutrality. Joining this initiative will further strengthen Braskem's active advocacy engagement on the important role biobased plastics play in a circular economy.

Centralising renewable carbon thinking into sustainability target planning has increased drastically over the last decade. There is an increased recognition that a shift from fossil carbon to renewable carbon is essential if a net-zero circular economy is to be realised.

The Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI) aims to support and speed up the transition from fossil carbon to renewable carbon for all organic chemicals and materials. Its members are committed to creating a sustainable, fossil-free future for the chemical and material industry. Executive manager Michael Carus, a founding member of the RCI, says: "We welcome Braskem, the world's leading producer of plant-based polyethylene, as a new member of RCI on the transition to a renewable future"

Braskem welcomes the opportunity to join forces with like-minded companies to accelerate the transition to a net-zero circular economy.

"The mission of the Renewable Carbon Initiative to accelerate the transition to a renewable carbon value chain fits perfectly with Braskem's sustainability ambitions, including our plans to grow the capacity of our I'm greenT biobased polyethylene to 1 million tons by 2030, getting us closer to a carbon neutral circular economy. We are very pleased to join this initiative and work with value chain partners to make this transition happen" says Marco Jansen, Director for Biopolymers and Sustainability Europe and Asia at Braskem.

About Braskem

Braskem is a Brazilian petrochemical company with its EU headquarters in Rotterdam. With 40 industrial plants spread across Brazil, United States, Mexico and Germany, the company produces over 16 million tons of thermoplastic resins and other petrochemicals per year. Braskem is the world's leading biopolymers producer and has committed to produce 1 million tons of bio-based plastics and 1 million tons of plastics with recycled content by 2030.

About the Renewable Carbon Initiative

The Renewable Carbon Initiative was founded in 2020. Its vision is that fossil carbon shall be completely substituted by renewable carbon, which is carbon from alternative sources: biomass, CO2 and recycling. Companies are encouraged to focus on phasing out fossil resources and to use renewable carbon instead. The initiative wants to drive this message, initiating further actions by bringing stakeholders together, providing information and shaping policy to strive for a climate-neutral circular economy.

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