Drop-in solutions

Replaces conventional resin with no investment in new plastic conversion machinery

Renewable source

Derived from sugarcane, a renewable material


Recyclable in the same chains developed for conventional resins

CO2 capture

Sugarcane captures CO2 from the atmosphere, helping to mitigate climate change

With the I'm green™ bio-based portfolio, Braskem's partners will be able to provide customers and society with a unique array of offerings that play a significant role in enabling their sustainability journey.

Our portfolio presents drop-in solutions, which replace the traditional alternative without investment in new technologies.

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I’m green
bio-based PE

A renewable, sustainably sourced alternative to traditional fossil polyethylene, suitable for a wide range of rigid and flexible applications. The portfolio comprises around 25 grades in the HDPE, LLDPE and LDPE families with a renewable content range of 80% to 100%, certified by ASTM D6866 standard. At the end of its life cycle, I'm greenTM bio-based polyethylene can be recycled in the current existing conventional polyethylene recycling streams.

Main applications:

food & beverages



I’m green
bio-based EVA

It is the sustainable alternative for several segments that use EVA in their products. Bio-based content ranges from 45% to 80%, based on the ASTM D6866 standard. At the end-of-life, I’m greenTM bio-based EVA can be recycled or reused in the same way as conventional EVA..

Main applications:




I’m green
bio-based PE WAX

Our wax is an environmentally friendly option for various sectors that utilize polyethylene wax in their production process. The I’m green™ bio-based PE WAX portfolio includes two grades which are ideal for applications such as adhesives, cosmetics, paints and compounds.

Main applications:




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