Our history

Braskem's history is marked by challenges, innovation and achievements.


Odebrecht, a Brazilian multinational, at the time focused on the construction industry, launches its activities in the petrochemical industry by acquiring a 33% interest in Cia. Petroquímica de Camaçari (CPC), a PVC producer.
Petroquímica de Camaçari


Founding of Odebrecht Química, created to manage the group's investments in the industry. At the time, the Group already held interests in the companies Salgema, a chlor-alkali producer; Poliolefinas, a polyethylene producer; PPH, a polypropylene producer; and Unipar, a petrochemical holding company. Over the coming years, the company would continue to expand its market share in the industry.
Odebrecht Química


Odebrecht acquires a controlling stake in PPH and becomes one of the controlling shareholders of Copesul.
Petroquímica de Camaçari


Odebrecht creates OPP Petroquímica and acquires a controlling interest in Salgema, in CPC and in its subsidiary Companhia Química do Recôncavo (CQR).
Petroquímica de Camaçari


Creation of Trikem S.A. to operate on an integrated basis with OPP Petroquímica. Also in 1996, Odebrecht partners with Grupo Mariani to create Proppet.
Trikem S.A


In partnership with the Mariani Group, Odebrecht acquires controlling interests in Copene (Camaçari Petrochemical Complex) in the state of Bahia, and in Polialden. In the same year, it begins the process of integrating its upstream and downstream assets, at the time unprecedented in Brazil.


  • With the merger of the companies Copene, OPP, Trikem, Proppet, Nitrocarbono and Polialden, Braskem S.A. is born as the leading petrochemical producer in Latin America, with 13 industrial units, offices and operating bases in Brazil, the United States and Argentina.
  • In the same year, the company announces its Public Commitment (based on the principles of sustainable development, responsible management and transparency) and its stock is listed on the São Paulo (Bovespa) stock exchange.
Braskem S.A.


Braskem is listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange in Spain, and becomes the best performing stock on the NYSE.
Braskem - Bolsa de Madri


  • Implementation of the Braskem Innovation Program (PIB), to support the execution of projects involving new technology and applications; and of the Braskem+ Program to improve competitiveness and operational excellence.
  • Braskem also strengthens its regional leadership in thermoplastic resins, i.e., polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and PVC, its strategic operational focus.
  • The year also marks the signing, for the first time by a company in the Brazilian market, of the United Nations International Declaration on Cleaner Production.
Programa de Inovação Braskem


Braskem becomes a component of the Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE) of the São Paulo Stock Exchange (Bovespa) in recognition of its social and environmental performance.
Petroquímica de Camaçari


Braskem launches the first Brazilian thermoplastic resin with nanotechnology, confirming its industry leadership in innovation.
Petroquímica de Camaçari


  • Launch of green polyethylene, an exclusive Braskem product. Made from a renewable feedstock, sugarcane ethanol, it becomes known as green plastic.
  • In the same year, Braskem acquires the chemical and petrochemical assets of Grupo Ipiranga, giving it a controlling interest in Copesul.
Petroquímica de Camaçari


In partnership with Petrobras, Braskem inaugurates Petroquímica Paulínia in the city with the same name. Producing polypropylene, it is Braskem's first greenfield project (when an investor bets on a new idea and must create the infrastructure to ensure its feasibility) and consolidates its investment in innovation.
Petroquímica de Camaçari


  • Braskem formalizes the creation of a joint venture with Braskem-Idesa to build an integrated project for the production of polyethylene for the Mexican market.
  • The year also marked the groundbreaking ceremony for the green ethylene plant in Triunfo, Rio Grande do Sul.
Petroquímica de Camaçari


  • In an important move in the market, Braskem concludes negotiations for the acquisition of Quattor. The acquisition transforms and consolidates Brazil's petrochemical industry, while boosting Braskem's competitiveness in a scenario marked by global challenges.
  • The year also marks the launch of the "I'm green"TM seal for identifying products that use Braskem's green plastic in their composition.
  • Braskem signs a partnership agreement with the National Bioscience Laboratory (LNBio) in Campinas, São Paulo, to focus on research and innovation.
  • Braskem acquires the polypropylene business of Sunoco Chemicals. The acquisition includes three manufacturing facilities and one technology and innovation center. The Company sets up its U.S. headquarters in Philadelphia, PA.
I'm green


  • With the acquisition of the polypropylene assets of Dow Chemical, Braskem incorporates two plants in the United States and two in Germany. The Company sets up its European headquarters in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
  • Braskem announces investment of R$300 million in the Triunfo Petrochemical Complex in Rio Grande do Sul to double its butadiene production.
  • Braskem is the leading producer of PP in the Americas and of biopolymers in the world.
Petroquímica de Camaçari


  • Braskem commemorates its tenth anniversary with 36 industrial units and over 7,600 Team Members. Braskem's success is recognized by the Brazilian Business Communications Association (Aberje), which elects it Company of the Year in its annual awards.
  • The year is marked by other important events: the inauguration of the new PVC plant in Alagoas makes the state the largest PVC producer in the Americas, and the inauguration of a new butadiene plant at the Triunfo Petrochemical Complex in Rio Grande do Sul.
Aberje (Associação Brasileira de Comunicação Empresarial)


Braskem is selected as a component of the first Dow Jones Sustainability World Index Emerging Markets and begins to invest in robotics for research in biotechnology.
Fast Company


  • Braskem is elected one of the world's 50 most innovative companies by the magazine Fast Company.
  • Braskem's investments in innovation and research remain strong and it announces the construction of a new UHMWPE plant in the United States. Braskem sells UHMWPE under the trade name UTEC® .
Fast Company


Launch of Braskem Labs, a program that stimulates entrepreneurs in the development of innovative socio-environmental solutions that can improve people's lives through the use of plastic.

Braskem's Green Plastic completes five years and conquers world market.

Braskem is the sponsor of the Brazilian Team of Parathetism, the sprinter Alan Fonteles and the paratlete, Adriele Silva.

Braskem Labs


Braskem Idesa inaugurates the Petrochemical Complex of Mexico. With an integrated production capacity of 1.05 million tons of ethylene and polyethylene per year, the Complex represents a step of growth in the Americas and diversification of raw materials.

For the first time, a representative from the Brazilian industry has been featured in CDP's "A List", an international organization that evaluates the best business practices against climate change.

In partnership with Made In Space, Braskem takes the Green Plastic to International Space Stationl to fabricate parts in space.

Braskem's Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) plant in La Porte, USA, is in the process of commissioning.

Braskem Idesa


Braskem opened in March its new Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene (UHMWP) plant in La Porte, in the U.S. state of Texas. Marketed under the UTEC brand, Braskem's high-performance UHMWP was developed and produced using proprietary technologies from the company.

With sustainability cross-sectionally related to its entire business, Braskem entered the ranking of supplier engagement of CDP Supply Chain. The company is among 29 worldwide, from a universe of more than 3,300 evaluated companies, to be part of the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Program), a ranking of the companies that best engage their suppliers.

In partnership with the GPA Group, Brazil's largest retailer, Braskem will recycle 60 metric tons of plastic every year to produce the new packaging of the stain remover Qualitá, an exclusive brand marketed at the Extra and Pão de Açúcar supermarket chains across the country. The partnership is part of the Wecycle platform, which aims to value plastic waste in the production chain.

The sponsorship of the Brazilian Para-Athlete Team was renewed for another four years, until 2021. Braskem will be supporting Brazilian Para-Athletics in various national and international competitions, as well as at the 2020 Japan Paralympic Games.

Planta Braskem Idesa


The petrochemical company ranks 5th among the 50 companies most loved by their employees, in the spontaneous list compiled by the Love Mondays platform.

Continuing its proposal of international consolidation, Braskem announces the start of its operations in Boston.

For the first time, Braskem integrates the "Water A" list and, for the second time, the "Climate A" list of the CDP Supply Chain rankings.

Later this year, the petrochemical company launched the Braskem Evance line - a line of modified EVA resins and a new EVA resin from renewable sources, a sustainable innovation of the I'm GreenTM brand.

Unidade Triunfo PE Verde