For us at Braskem,

sustainable development

is a way to conduct our business that

considers meeting the needs

of all stakeholders, today and in the future.

This is how we move towards our purpose: to improve people's lives by creating sustainable solutions of chemistry and plastic. Our Global Strategy for Sustainable Development aims to guide all of our efforts towards a more sustainable future. For this reason, it was built based on the analysis of global challenges and trends (such as the 17 Objectives of the UN 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change), on our Materiality Matrix and on the results of the Risk Management analysis of the our business.

This strategy has a Global Sustainable Development Policy that guides the strategic planning of the most diverse areas of Braskem in an integrated manner by establishing priorities on relevant topics and assigning responsibilities to the company's areas and leaderships. This Policy considers three major areas of work, which are our pillars of action:


Processes and resources

More and more sustainable

Product portfolio

More sustainable

Solutions to allow society to have

A more sustainable life


In 2020, we made new long-term commitments to sustainable development. There are 7 dimensions that address the most relevant issues for our business, considering all dimensions: environmental, social and economic.

Assessing our impacts

In the current context of major global challenges, which include topics such as water, climate change, sustainable production and consumption, the first step is to understand what are the positive and negative impacts resulting from our operations. In order to do so, we evaluate our materiality, that is, the relevance of sustainability themes according to our impact and the importance of the theme for our stakeholders.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Based on the SDG Compass methodology, we also assess our impacts - positive and negative - on each of the United Nations' 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. This analysis shows that together with our value chain we have a direct impact on 4 SDGs. And, through our value chain, we have an impact on 9 other SDGs. In total, we understand that our business impacts 13 SDGs.

Our Journey