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I’m green bio-based? Check it out:

Our I’m green™ bio-based brand is used to reinforce people and customers’ confidence on sustainability claims present on products and packaging regarding mitigating climate change, carbon neutrality and circular economy.

Why I’m green bio-based brand reinforces people and customers’ confidence on sustainability claims?

Because our material is segregated and therefore, measurable, I’m green™ bio-based portfolio can be scientifically measured by a third-party certified Carbon 14 analysis that identifies the quantity of bio-based material present in each application (product or packaging). This is a globally recognised certification that can support on the creation of claims referring to the amount (%) of I’m green™ bio-based material present in the application.

There are third party labs, like Beta Analytic that carry out carbon
dating analysis (C14) according to the ASTM D6866 standard.