The I’m green™ bio-based journey starts in the heart of Brazilian farmland in the center-south of the country. The basis of our sustainability claims stems from our insistence to only source ethanol from sugarcane that is grown far away from high diversity biomass such as the Amazon rainforest, by farms with fair working conditions, and protections for biodiversity in place.

We use responsibly sourced sugarcane , but there are always questions raised on how much this alternative solution to fossil plastic can grow without competing with the food supply chain. Our technical team show in this paper written in 2023 that bio-based plastics can be sustainably produced from primary sources of biomass, such as sugarcane, if:

  • There is land available for sustainable agricultural expansion and no food shortage,
  • Agriculture does not expand onto high biodiversity biomes,
  • Feedstock is produced alongside food or feed, and follows the EU's cascading principle for biomass uses,
  • The overall environmental footprint from farm to product is significantly reduced compared to the fossil counterpart (proven by certified life cycle assessments).

We hope you find this introduction to the topic useful. Enjoy the reading and if you would like to reach us to learn or discuss more about the topic, contact us.