Braskem’s advertising campaign highlights the importance of innovation to improving people's lives

Innovation brings the future, and the future involves chemistry and plastics. With this theme, Braskem announces a campaign to materialize its intention to improve the lives of people by creating sustainable solutions in chemistry and plastics.

The campaign, featured on TV, ads in newspapers and magazines, urban furniture and airports in Brazil, reinforces Braskem’s commitment to innovation and, subsequently, the concern for the future.

The print ads and a 60-second commercial show that, in the automotive industry, cars and planes are becoming lighter and more sustainable; in the food industry, innovative plastic containers keep food for longer; and in medicine, major advances are made possible with the use of 3D printers and development of prosthetics.

Watch the video and check out Braskem’s new commercial. The signing announces the Company’s sponsorship to the Brazilian Parathletics Team.

See also the pieces for print media



Agency: Africa Zero

Advertiser: Braskem S.A.

Product: Institutional

Title: Purpose

Duration: 1X60” | 1X30”

CCO: Sergio Gordilho

Creative Director: Andrea Siqueira / Jeferson Rocha

Writer: Andrea Siqueira / Thomás Davini / Victor Castelo

Art Director: Jeferson Rocha / André Batista / Marcelo Maciel

Production/Agency: Rodrigo Ferrari / Patricia Gaglioni / Valdir dos Santos

Service: Cláudio Kalim / Cintia Hachiya / Priscila Navarro / Ana Paula Ferreira / Joe Magalhães

Media: Eduardo Ferreira / Paulo Ferreira / Lia Fernandes

Planning: Cintia Cavalli

Producer: Stink SP. Produção de Filmes Ltda.

Director: Squarehead

Executive Producer: Ingrid Raszl

Production Coordination: Paula Macedo / Rogerio Maestro

Project Manager: Carolina Junqueira

Direction Assistant: Jan Monczka

Director of Photography: Pepe Mendes

Art Director: Antonio Torriani

Costume Producer: Isadora Bertolucci

Location Producer: Cristhiano Baldi

Post-Production Producer: Danilo Abraham

Assembly: Marcio Leitão

Post-Production Producer: Humanoide / Efecktor / DOT

Final Editing: Danilo Abraham

Producer/Sound: S de Samba

Service/Sound: Meg Ribeiro, Guga Ferrari

Soundtrack: Dionísio Dazul, Pedro Caldas, Rodrigo Monteiro and Rafael Silvestrini

Music Direction: Jair Oliveira and Simoninha

Voiceover: Simone Rodrigues

Graphic Production: Carla Lustosa / Edson Harada

Art Buyer: Carmen Castillo / Adriana Saranga

Photographer: Marco Mendes

Illustration/Image Treatment: Lumini Fotografia

Final Editing/Pre-media: Casa do Vaticano