Overcoming Campaign

Overcoming Campaign

Braskem brings together parathletics champions in inspiring campaign

Braskem, sponsor of the Brazilian Parathletics Team, hereby launches its institutional campaign “2016 is the year of overcoming.” The action aims to inspire Brazilians to overcome the challenges of the next year with the same sportsmanship as that of our Brazilian Parathletics Team.

A creation by Africa Zero, the campaign invites people to overcome what seems impossible and be inspired by the Parathletes’ overcoming spirit.

The stars of the campaign are Alan Fonteles (100m and 200m), Claudiney Batista dos Santos (shot put, javelin throw, and disc throw), Felipe de Souza Gomes (100m and 200m), Petrucio Ferreira (200m), Terezinha Guilhermina (100m and 200m), Ariosvaldo “Parré” Fernandes (100m), and Verônica Hipólito (100m and 200m). One ad, for example, features the visually impaired athlete Terezinha Guilhermina with the message “In 2016, look for a different angle.”

Braskem has been the sponsor of the Brazilian Parathletics team since October. The investment will be applied to the development and technical preparation of athletes for national and international competitions.

Watch Braskem institucional campaign video

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Title: Overcoming

Agency: Africa Zero

Advertiser: Braskem S.A.

Product: Institutional

Duration: 1X30”

CCO: Sergio Gordilho

Creative Director: Marcelo Prista / Aaron Sutton

Writer: Nizan Guanaes

Art Director: Marcelo Prista / Luiz Carlos Big

Production/Agency: Rodrigo Ferrari / Patricia Melito / Valdir dos Santos

Service: Cláudio Kalim / Cintia Hachiya / Priscila Navarro / Joe Magalhães

Media: Eduardo Ferreira / Paulo Ferreira / Lia Fernandes

Planning: Cintia Cavalli

Production: Sentimental Filme

Director: Antonio Torriani

Director of Photography: Pepe Mendes

Assembly: Tiago Gil

Final Editing: Sentimental Filme

Producer/Sound: Antfood

Service/Sound: Lou Schmidt / Sean McGovern

Soundtrack: Pedro Botsaris / Lou Schmidt / Vini Nunes / Wilson Brown

Music Direction: Pedro Botsaris / Lou Schmidt / Wilson Brown

Voiceover: Kiko Ferraz

Graphic Production: Carla Lustosa / Edson Harada

Art Buyer: Carmen Castillo / Isabela Ximenes

Photographer: Manolo Moran

Image Treatment: Casa do Vaticano

Final Editing/Pre-Media: Casa do Vaticano

Date of first broadcast: 12/22/2015