Climate Changes

Climate Changes

Braskem has conducted a study to identify risks and opportunities in 100% of its operations. The findings were used to formulate an adaptation plan with actions to mitigate or reduce all of the more significant climate risks. Our target is to implement all of these actions by 2023.

The plan includes steps, such as internal engagement, external coordination, compiling information, interpreting data and expanding risk management to incorporate climate variables in our strategic planning.

Learn more about our climate risk indicators and adaptation plan in the Braskem Annual Report (pages 93 to 96). Click here for the full report.

From the potential climate risk scenarios, we identified 63 potential threats that pose high risk to the business by 2040, of which 41 are in Brazil, 16 in Mexico and six in the United States, for which 145 specific adaptation actions were outlined (all numbers were revised in 2019).

Through our management efforts, in 2018, the number of high-risk threats has been reduced to 54, and our target is to reach zero by 2023:

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