Sustainable Strategy

Sustainable Strategy

Looking to the future

Our global Sustainable Development strategy is based on three strategic pillars: increasingly more sustainable processes and resources; more sustainable product portfolio; and offering society, in partnership our client chains, solutions that enable everyone to enjoy an increasingly sustainable life. We have updated our policy with the goal of becoming the leaders in business contribution to Sustainable Development. Learn more about the Global Sustainable Development Policy .

Thinking about the company's future and its growth opportunities, Braskem objectively analyzes its sustainability strategy, based on three pillars:

  1. More sustainable processes and resources;
  2. More sustainable products;
  3. Solutions to ensure a more sustainable life for society.

Complementing these pillars are ten Braskem macro goals, which include the material topics of the company and its stakeholders. For each macro goal, strategic targets were set for 2020 and intermediate actions were established to ensure they are reached in the coming years. Check it out:

To learn more about Braskem's actions, consult the Annual Report .