Health, Safety and Environment

Health, Safety and Environment

Braskem Idesa is convinced that sustainable development, human valuation, and ethical behavior are essential to reach increasing levels of business excellence.

In order to transform these beliefs into attitudes and based on the principles of Quality, Health, Safety, Environment and Social Responsibility, it undertakes the following commitments:

MEET the Clients' expectations.

ENSURE the cooperation and alliance with the Suppliers.

PROMOTE the development of people.


  • In people's health and quality of life;
  • In the safety of people, processes, and facilities;
  • In environmental aspects and the rational use of natural resources;
  • In quality of products and services

IMPROVE its processes, products, and services, in a continuous way, promoting innovation and meeting legal and voluntary requirements.

MAINTAIN a constructive relationship with the communities where it operates.

SEMPRE - To achieve and maintain the desired excellence in HSE & SR, Braskem IDESA developed SEMPRE - An integrated Health, Safety, and Environment System. Through it, we strengthen our culture of risk prevention based on discipline and respect for established safety processes and procedures.

SAFETY- Safety is a fundamental value for Braskem Idesa and is one of the most important macro-objectives of sustainable development of the organization. It involves the safety of activities and processes, the safe use of their products and the generation of waste.

Community Safety and Health Tool

Objective: Provide medical support in collaboration with the Health Center to the residents of F1 and F2 communities.

  • Prevention Talks
  • Taking vital signs
  • General consultation
  • Basic medicines

Participatory Environmental Monitoring

Taking into account the antecedents of inadequate relationship that the area of influence has with the industries of the region regarding the transparent information about their environmental activities and the perception of living in an area contaminated by industrial activity, and Environmental Monitoring program that seeks to strengthen the relationship and trust between Braskem Idesa and members of neighboring communities has been generated, involving them in environmental monitoring activities so that they identify possible causes of pollution and share solutions.

Air, noise, and water (surface and underground water) samples are carried out within the communities of the area of influence 1 and 2, having a baseline before the plant start up.

  • Each MAP event consists of 3 instances:
    • Introduction
    • Sample taking and
    • Presentation of monitoring results.
  • 21 Events of Participatory Environmental Monitoring until the June 2015 period:
    • 156 participants from 5 communities in the area of influence.

It seeks to involve the communities of the area of influence in the execution and results of the environmental monitoring.

  • Strengthen the relationship between BI and members of neighboring communities.
  • Air, noise, dust and water monitoring.
  • Baseline
    • Before start up
  • Participatory
    • Induction, sampling, and interpretation