Innovative Company

Innovative Company

Braskem Idesa offers innovative products with which it develops solutions that contribute to the growth of its business.

Plastics have been a part of our daily lives for more than 100 years and will continue to be for much longer. That is why Braskem Idesa is constantly innovating its production technologies, as well as its products and processes, and acting responsibly and be able to have a sustainable evolution.

Braskem Idesa's innovative ideas are backed by Braskem USA and Braskem Brazil, expert investment companies for finding solutions and creating new products and applications; which have made improvements in existing products and processes, as well as conducting research to improve production methods.

Braskem Idesa is part of a global strategy in the innovation of polyethylene production and its application, creating solutions that add value to each business.

Its Application Engineering makes the difference.

Braskem Idesa offers support from engineers in the development of solutions and its centers support in innovation and technology that will undoubtedly help your business.