Principles and Values

Principles and Values

This is a provision to unite people, overcome results, conquer opportunities, and share achievements.

Formed in 2010, Braskem Idesa has its principles and values based on Braskem's own, respecting being a global company; since the merger of 6 Brazilian companies, Braskem has a constant transformation in the chemical and petrochemical sector. It is an innovative company that believes in the potential of each human being and distinguishes its development from a performance and commitment to the preservation of life, expressed in its strategic vision, to be a world leader in sustainable chemistry by innovating to serve people better.

Braskem's leadership and recognition of its Customers and the market are based on principles and values present among the members and are practiced on a day-to-day basis, and Braskem Idesa also takes them into practice.

  • Trust in people, in their capacity and desire for progress;
  • Customer satisfaction, with an emphasis on quality, productivity and social and environmental responsibility;
  • Return to shareholders and valuation of their equity;
  • Partnership among the team members, who participate in planning and executing the work and share in the results they generate;
  • Self-development of personnel, mainly via education through work, ensuring the survival, growth, and perpetuity of the Organization;
  • Reinvestment of results for the creation of new job opportunities and the development of communities.


Its purpose is to establish the ethical principles and standards of conduct practiced by Braskem Idesa, understanding that the internal and external relations of all members must be guided and must be practiced throughout its value chain. To know more about the topic, we invite you to consult the Braskem Idesa Code of Conduct 


To support the maintenance and the corporate safe, ethical, transparent and productive environment, Braskem Idesa provides the Ethics Line for its members, suppliers, clients and other stakeholders of the company. Through this channel, it is possible to anonymously contact the Braskem Ethics Committee to report information and/or facts that violate the principles of the company. Learn more about the ethics line by  clicking here .



The Braskem Idesa compliance program establishes policies and procedures to ensure that all its members and third parties involved with the company comply with the regulatory framework in order to ensure ethical action.

If you wish to contact our compliance officer, we can provide you with the email  .