Braskem undertakes to ensure the User's privacy, whether they are a private individual and/or corporation, when using this Portal and the services on the Portal, according to the following terms.

Braskem will gather information from the User's registration data provided in the registration form provided in its Portal. Braskem will ask the User to provide their name, e-mail and other personal information that, insofar as they are available, will enable us to customize their use of the Portal. After registering, the User is no longer anonymous to Braskem and can benefit from more resources available on the Portal.

In addition to registration data, Braskem may ask the User to provide further personal information in specific situations, such as when the User: a) places an ad in the Classifieds section of the Portal, b) sends quotes for Auctions on the Portal; or c) sends a suggestion or communicates a problem with the Portal. If the User contacts Braskem, Braskem will be authorized to keep a record of that correspondence. Occasionally, Braskem asks Users to complete surveys for internal purposes. A link to this Privacy Policy will be provided in all areas of the Portal where Braskem collects personal information.

The use of cookies to store and sometimes track information about the User is part of the customization of the supply and provision of services in this Portal. A cookie is usually a small amount of data sent from a web server to the User's browser and stored on the hard drive of the User's computer. All the pages on the Portal where the User must login or that can be customized require the User to accept cookies.

In general, cookies are used to:

(1) Identify the User to Braskem and access their account information (stored on Braskem's computers) to provide the User more personalized service. This cookie is activated when the User registers and signs in and is updated when they sign out of the Portal. (2) Determine the number and characteristics of the Portal's visitors. Each browser accessing the Portal receives a unique cookie that is used to determine the amount of repeated use, use by a Registered User versus non-registered use, and to help target ads, announcements and bulletins based on the User's interests and behavior. The customization of services includes interactive communications, online shopping and many other services, most of which are free. By collecting certain types of information about the User, Braskem can provide advertisements and content tailored to the User's interests and profile and therefore provide them better services. When services are free, this is clearly stated when they are offered.

Braskem conducts internal surveys on User demographics, interests and behavior based on information provided in registration data and the log files from the Portal server.

When personal information is requested on this Portal, it is used solely and exclusively by Braskem unless otherwise indicated in the cookie. If the data is being collected and/or stored by any company other than Braskem, Braskem undertakes to notify the User before the data collection or transfer in the cookie. If the User does not want their data to be shared, they can choose not to allow the transfer by not using the service in question.

Advertisers that post banners on the Portal sites hosted on our website or any third parties using links in the Portal may set cookies to collect information about the User. Such practices are the sole responsibility of the sites in question, and the personal data collected by the same will be used in accordance with each site's privacy policy. The User of this Portal must hold Braskem exempt in relation to the User's consent to using cookies from those sites. For example, if the User makes a purchase through the Classifieds on the Portal, the information the User provides, such as a credit card number and contact information, is sent directly to advertisers without being routed through Braskem's computers.

Braskem can compare the User's information with outside data and publish statistics (for example, the percentage of visitors made up of companies from a given market segment) to describe the potential market for prospective partners, advertisers and others.

Braskem may also disclose User information in special cases requiring the disclosure of information to identify, contact or take legal action against someone who may be violating (either intentionally or unintentionally) the rights of Braskem or third parties, or the rules of Internet etiquette (Netiquette). Braskem may disclose User information when required by law, at the sole discretion of Braskem or the competent authorities.

If, when registering, the User indicates that they are interested in receiving offers or information from Braskem and its partners, Braskem and its partners may occasionally send messages via e-mail about products and services that may interest the User. These advertisements and messages will only be sent if the User indicates that they do not object to these offers. If the User does not wish to receive such mailings, they can simply send a written notice to Braskem.

The User also has options when it comes to accepting cookies. By changing the preferences in their browser, the User has the choice to accept all cookies, be notified when a cookie is set, or reject any and all cookies. If the User chooses to reject all cookies, they cannot use Braskem services that require registration.

The Company does not rent, sell or lease User data to anyone. It only provides access to that information free of charge to current or potential partners, which therefore do not acquire any ownership of such data. Even in relation to data released free of charge to Braskem partners, the User will always have the option of not permitting the transfer by accepting or rejecting cookies. If the User does not want their data to be shared, they can choose not to use a given service.

The User can edit their information on the Portal at any time using their identification (ID) and password on the Portal.

If the User wishes, their registration on the Portal can be cancelled or disabled, resulting in the inability to access any services provided by this Portal.

The registration information on the Portal is password protected so that only the User has access to their personal data. Braskem recommends that you do not divulge your password to anyone. The Company will never request the User's password by phone or unsolicited e-mails. The User must also remember to log off from the Portal and close the window of their browser at the end of each session. This helps minimize the chances of other people gaining access to the User's personal information and e-mail correspondence, especially when the User shares a computer with someone else or is using a computer in a public place.

No data transmission over the Internet is 100% secure. Consequently, although Braskem will do its utmost to protect the User's personal information, the Company cannot ensure or guarantee the security of any information transmitted or provided to Braskem while the User is browsing the Portal, and the User does so at their own risk. Ultimately, the User is solely responsible for keeping their passwords secret and/or not disclosing any information about their registration and otherwise being careful and responsible whenever they are online. Furthermore, the User should be aware that they are solely responsible for qualifying their information as private or not, and provide that information at their own risk.

Also, the User must be aware that privacy rights are independent and should not be confused with intellectual property, image rights, rights to honor and reputation and other rights of personality, and, therefore, not all information that they provide on the Portal will be protected.

There are restricted access areas on the Portal. The User hereby agrees that unauthorized access to such areas will be considered an invasion of privacy, for all intents and purposes.

The conditions governing the privacy of information on the Braskem Portal are regulated in the Terms of Use of the Portal, and the Company recommends that the User consult them if any questions should arise.

Braskem reserves the right to judge, at its sole discretion, except in case of a decision by a competent authority, the pertinence of requests for information made by one User to another User on the grounds of the existence of common interest for the latter.

Braskem does not undertake any obligation to maintain the default term for any information about the User found on this Portal.

This Portal should not be confused with the provision of Internet access, and Braskem should not be asked to provide information about the flow of data for Users who access the Portal, except when so determined by the competent authorities, at Braskem's discretion.