Braskem Idesa is an association created in 2010, made up of Braskem (with 75% of the share), a Brazil's leading petrochemical company in America; and Grupo Idesa (with 25% of the share), one of the main Mexican business groups. Braskem Idesa led the development and implementation of a petrochemical complex for the production of polyethylene in Coatzacoalcos, in the state of Veracruz.

The Braskem Idesa Complex represents an important advance for the Mexican petrochemical industry because it adds value to the entire production chain in the country, as well as creating opportunities for social and economic development, since the Mexican trade balance must be benefited by the significant decrease of the importation of polyethylene, in addition to the generation of employment.


  • The Mexican government opens a call in which more than 30 companies participated worldwide to win a long-term raw material contract and the construction of a petrochemical complex.
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  • Braskem and Grupo Idesa win the Pemex Gas and Basic Petrochemical (PGPB) tender, a Mexican state-owned oil and gas company for the supply of ethane.
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  • The Mexican company Braskem Idesa S.A.P.I. is legally born.
  • The Ethylene XXI Project was formalized in the presence of the then Presidents of Brazil and Mexico, Luiz Ignacio Lula da Silva and Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, respectively.
  • The conception phase of the FEL 1 project (Front End Loading) is completed and FEL 2 is started.
  • The company concludes the year with >8 Members.
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  • More than 90% of the properties are acquired for the project.
  • The Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources of Mexico (SEMARNAT) reports that the project has the required standards and regulations. The phase to define the scope of the FEL 2 project is fulfilled and the FEL 3 phase begins.
  • Transfer of fauna and transplantation work is started, as well as cutting and clearing of plants for the movement of lands. All animal species and plants considered relevant were transferred to an ecological reserve.
  • The negotiation process of project financing is started.
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  • The construction of the complex is started with the execution of civil works, acquisition of long-term equipment (LTI) and 70% of detailed engineering equipment and materials.
  • Financing of US $ 3.2 billion is announced to continue the construction of the petrochemical complex.
  • Braskem Idesa wins the "Americas Petrochemical Deal of the Year" and "Petrochemical Deal of the Year 2012" awards.
  • A contract for US$ 2.8 billion is signed with the consortium builder, "Etileno XXI Contractors".
  • Polyethylene pre-marketing activities are started with Mexican customers.
  • A program for the prevention and mitigation of impacts in neighboring communities is structured.
  • An agreement is signed with the Training and Rural Development Unit to train people and improve agricultural activities.
  • The development of 20.2% of the total works until December is performed.
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  • Participation in the most important fair of the plastic industry in Mexico, PLASTIMAGEN; and the largest fair in the packaging sector, EXPO PACK.
  • The first large equipment for the storage of products and raw materials arrives; 6 larger tanks from Italy; 3 of them with 85 meters of length and 550 tons of weight.
  • The distillation tower called C2 Splitter arrives, 90 meters long and 880 tons in weight.
  • Braskem Idesa is elected as the "Sixth Company of the Dreams of Young Mexicans".
  • 56% of total progress and reaches the mark of 10 thousand workers in its construction.
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  • Braskem Idesa started the year with approximately 11,000 and closed in 16,000 workers on site and 90% in the construction progress.
  • Electrical installation and transfer of large equipment, highlighting the installation of the distillation tower.
  • Logistics shows an important progress in the alignment of rails and paving of the area. More than 120 operators and technicians are trained in plants in Brazil and in Europe.
  • Production of the book "Archaeological Finding in the Low Basin of Coatzacoalcos", derived from the traces that the company rescued in the construction zone.
  • Participation in fairs of the plastic sector: Expo Plásticos Guadalajara, Expo Pack, and Plastimagen.
  • 100% of the equipment purchased for the construction is achieved.
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  • Braskem Idesa participates in the first edition of the Plastimagen Norte fair in Monterrey.
  • The Secretary of Labor, Social Welfare and Productivity of Veracruz, Gabriel Deantes Ramos visits the complex stating that Braskem Idesa is an example of compliance and legality.
  • Braskem Idesa develops the 7th edition of open houses and promotes the "1st International Social Responsibility Forum".
  • Pre-commissioning tests are started, and the first steam emissions are generated.
  • 99.2% is achieved in the construction progress.


Braskem Idesa participated once again in the most important plastic fair: Plastimagen 2016, where it had a presence in a space that exceeded 270 m² with a 2-level stand; which had interactive spaces for Social Commitment topics through six modules (Macro Plan for Social Investment, Biodiversity, Archaeological Findings, Occupational Health and Safety and Gender Equity), an agro-industry zone and a 3D wall of pipeline; in addition, the commercial team had the opportunity to welcome their customers in the bar area or in the boardrooms to establish profitable business relationships for the company.

On April 7, Braskem Idesa begins the production of polyethylene, with the start of one of its three production plants of said thermoplastic resin.

The company announced the production of Polyethylenes with a gradual increase until reaching the maximum production limit: one million fifty thousand tons per year.

The supply of this product to customers is made available once the resin has been guaranteed to meet the highest quality standards.

In June, Braskem Idesa held the official opening of its petrochemical complex, one of the most modern in Latin America, with the presence of Energy Secretary Pedro Joaquín Coldwell, accompanied by the Secretary of Government, Flavino Ríos Alvarado and the Director of PEMEX, José Antonio González Anaya, among other Federal, State and Municipal Government officials.


Braskem Idesa presents the photo gallery Pierre: "Feet on Earth", sponsored by Braskem Idesa, coordinated by the Pierre Verger Foundation in the assignment of rights and general supervision; Televisa Foundation in the curatorial project and contents and Museography Workshop in the museography and design project.

From March 28 to March 30, Braskem Idesa shows at Expo Plásticos: the most relevant plastic industry fair in the shoals, with a stand of 162 m2.

In August, Braskem Idesa reached the first million tons of Polyethylenes produced since its operations start-up.


In 2018, Braskem Idesa confirms its position as a benchmark in the Mexican petrochemical industry by closing the year with a production of 808,000 tons of Polyethylene.

On the other hand, supporting the Circular Economy, at the Plastianguis 2018 event, 28 tons of plastic were collected for recycling.

To close the year, there was the fourth participation in the Expo Plásticos 2018 fair that was held in Guadalajara and in which Braskem Idesa received the recognition of Sustainable Company of the Year.


2019 was a great year for Braskem Idesa, it achieved the production of 800,700 tons of Polyethylene, approaching the total production to almost 3 million tons since the plant started to operate in 2016.

In the 4Q of this year we launched our I'm Green Recycled High Density Polyethylene, which is the first resin with a percentage of post-consumed recycled material in Mexico.

Furthermore, Braskem Idesa obtained the ISO: 9001 certification and, for the second consecutive year, the recognition as a Socially Responsible Company granted by CEMEFI.

Adding the two editions of Plastianguis held, in CDMX and Nanchital, Veracruz, 61 tons of plastic waste were collected to be recycled.