Braskem Idesa actively participates in a responsible attitude towards society and the planet; therefore, the company supports social and environmental initiatives aligned with its business and that strengthen the Organization and its pillars: serve people, be strategic for the country, inspire Mexicans pride, be modern, agile, innovative and accessible; be attractive to customers and to talents.

Below is a list of the events in which Braskem Idesa participates as a sponsor during 2017, reaffirming its commitment to the community and the plastic industry.

ANIPAC Statistical Yearbook - 2017

El The ANIPAC Statistical Yearbook publishes relevant information for producers and processors of the plastic industry in Mexico.





1st Plastic Environment Forum

The Plastic Environment forum sponsorship, in which Braskem Idesa participates, creates a close relationship between suppliers and the transformation industry in order to understand their needs and create individualized strategies to increase trade.




ANIPAC Convention

The event brings together the main players in the plastics industry to discuss, update, share experiences and make commercial links.

Prospects of the Plastics Industry

The event shows to the plastics industry information on the current perspective and economic trends at national and international level.




Energy Congress

The Energy Congress is a meeting space focused exclusively on this theme and is one of the primary objectives of ANIQ so that both partner companies and those involved in generating, supplying or using energy are always at the forefront.




ANIQ Forum

The National Chemical Industry Forum celebrated for more than 45 years, presents an international view in political, economic, energy, environmental and commercial matters.

ANIQ Convention - 2017


It is a space to know the Chemical Industry trends that influence the operations of Manufacturing and Distribution companies, promoting the networking among managers of the main companies of the sector.


4th Raw Materials Forum

Braskem Idesa participates as sponsor of the second Raw Materials Forum for Plastics, which discloses the situation of the plastic raw materials market at the global and regional level.


All initiatives are guided by the Corporate Sponsorship and Donations Guideline, which covers investment decisions that use direct funding, a fund incentivized in Mexico.

The following are the main topics, target audiences and locations where the projects we support are present:

Topics: Innovation and Knowledge Creation, Culture, Sports, Plastics and Chemistry, Sustainability, Technical & Commercial and Ethics.

Target audience: Market and/or chains of Braskem Idesa’s activities; communities and surrounding regions; academia; society; and opinion makers.

Location: Regions where Braskem Idesa has its petrochemical complex and management offices.


Braskem Idesa does not support projects that:

  • Promote a specific political party, political figure or religious party;
  • Incite violence, crime, drugs, sex, animal cruelty, and bad environmental practices;
  • Are not in line with the values of transparency, integrity, and ethics;
  • Break the law or are not aligned with Braskem Idesa’s Code of Conducts or it’s Compliance Policy of Ethics, Transparency and Integrity actions.
  • Organizations which represent, directly or indirectly, a specific political party or political figure (for example: it’s prohibited to sponsor projects with an organization which delivers the project in alliance with other organization representing a political party or political figure).
  • Are on behalf of regular persons. Only organizations can be supported;
  • Promote professional artists or bands.

The registration and analysis of proposals will be carried out exclusively through the application form available here.

You can submit your projects to Braskem Idesa as a Donation or Sponsorship application.


The transfer of Braskem Idesa’s financial resources, with or without the use of tax incentives, to legal entities aiming at the organization of projects or events. Sponsors should provide the Company with clear and specific counterparts, such as brand exposure. Click here to submit a sponsorship request.


Monetary values, goods, equipment or services donated to organizations, which bring clear and verifiable benefits to specific audiences, without necessarily constituting a direct benefit returned to the Company. Donations can be made with or without the use of tax incentives. Click here to submit a donation request.