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Press Releases • 26 de Setembro de 2018

Innovations in renewable resins and platform to promote recycling featured in Braskem's booth at Tokyo Pack

Braskem is participating in Tokyo Pack, the international packaging trade fair to be held in the Japanese capital from October 2 to 5.

To showcase its products developed using renewable raw materials and to strengthen its presence in the Japanese market, Braskem is participating in Tokyo Pack, the international packaging trade fair to be held in the Japanese capital from October 2 to 5. Braskem is the largest thermoplastic resin producer in the Americas, with annual production volume of over 20 million tons, which includes chemical products and basic petrochemicals. 

In its debut at the event, the company will welcome visitors to its booth displaying products such as I'm greenTM plastic, which is the world's first biobased polyethylene produced on an industrial scale, and I'm greenTM EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), which also is made from sugarcane. Braskem launches at its operations in the United States, Europe, Mexico and Brasil also will be showcased in the company's booth.

"Asia has become an important market for us, especially in businesses involving Green PE, and Tokyo Pack is the perfect opportunity to consolidate our presence in the packaging industry. We will take the opportunity to introduce to the local public our latest developments in biobased resins and our projects to support recycling through the Wecycle platform, demonstrating that many of our innovation initiatives are guided by environmental issues and by sustainable development," said José Augusto Viveiro, renewable chemicals sales director at Braskem.

Braskem has been expanding its presence in the Asian market since 2010 and today has deals involving Green PE in countries and regions such as Vietnam, China, Myanmar, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, India and Malaysia. In Japan alone, 366 supermarket chains distribute bags made from renewable polyethylene and over 40 products are made from the resin in applications that range from cosmetics, personal care and home care to food packaging and more.

Braskem also will take advantage of its visit to Japan's capital, which will host the 2020 Paralympic Games, to show its support for parathletics, which in Brazil already occurs through its sponsorship of the Brazilian Parathletics Team.

See below for more details on what Braskem will showcase at Tokyo Pack:

I'm greenTM PE
The green resin, made from sugarcane ethanol, has the same physical properties as conventional polyethylene and can be fully recycled in the traditional recycling chain.  One of its main features is that the material captures 3.09 tons of CO2 for each ton of product made, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Green Plastic is manufactured at one of Braskem's plants in Brazil. The plant has annual production capacity of 200 kta of renewable resin.

I'm greenTM EVA
Developed in partnership with U.S.-based Allbirds, the EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) is made from a biobased raw material (sugarcane). Featuring superior flexibility, lightness and resistance, it also helps to reduce greenhouse gases in the air by capturing and storing CO2 during its production process. The resin's applications include the footwear, automotive and transportation industries.

I'm greenTM Seal
Braskem certification that allows consumers to recognize products made from the renewable resin. To be able to bear the seal, products must undergo a carbon-14 test, which is the same one used to estimate the age of fossils found around the world. To be certified, the product must contain at least 51% renewable content.

Wecycle Platform
Braskem's Wecycle platform was created to foster businesses and initiatives that value post-consumer plastic waste and develop the recycling chain.


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