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Braskem Idesa's position on suspension of natural gas supply

Mexico City, December 2, 2020.- The National Natural Gas Control Center (CENAGAS) informed Braskem Idesa on November 30th. that it would not renew the Firm-Based Transportation Services Contract for the transportation of natural gas. It also blocked the entry of gas the following day, in breach of the Intermittent Base Contract in force and without taking into account Braskem Idesa's request to maintain 48 hours of reduced supply to stop its operations in a safe manner for people,. neighbors and the environment.


CENAGAS´s  actions have caused the total suspension of the plant's processes, with the consequent and negative repercussions not only for us, the plant, our customers, suppliers and employees, but also for the hundreds of businesses that depend on this supply chain affecting the national petrochemical industry and the economy as a whole.


The decision violates our rights including multiple legal provisions in force.


Braskem Idesa has indicated that its conduct has always been in accordance with the legality and legal framework of our country and that its conduct has been in accordance with the most demanding international standards and practices.


We have repeatedly expressed our willingness to discuss with the authorities the issues that are raised today in relation to the operation of Braskem Idesa and its contracts with Mexican state companies, bringing proposals for solutions.


We ask that the rule of law and respect for the law, commitments expressed by this administration, guide this controversy and allow us to rectify the decisions made by CENAGAS, which is a challenge to, among other things, the safety of our operations.


We inform the national and international financial community, our clients, suppliers, employees and collaborators, that Braskem Idesa, in compliance with its fiduciary and corporate responsibilities, must take the actions that exist within the framework of the law to defend it´s rights and investment.



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