L'Occitane en Provence launches product line using Braskem's green plastic

L'Occitane en Provence is the latest brand to use Braskem's green plastic in its packaging. The Bonne Mère line of daily-use body products launched by the famous French brand will reach stores in February with their packaging made from sugarcane ethanol. The new line is already being sold in France and will be exported to over 85 countries. The substitution of traditional polyethylene aims to increase the use of renewable resources by the French multinational.

Made from sugarcane ethanol, a 100% renewable material, Braskem's green plastic represents an important mark in global innovation. Green PE is a thermoplastic resin produced from ethylene made from sugarcane ethanol. The resin, whose properties are identical to those of conventional polyethylene, is extremely versatile in terms of applications and is also recyclable. Its major advantage is the fact that it is made from raw materials derived from renewable resources, which helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.