We believe that people move us forward

At Braskem, there is room for everyone. Here, we encourage people to make a difference every day, always evolving and learning, based on innovative attitudes that can transform society and the planet.

Innovation is in everything we do: in our products, processes and also in the way we work. We want everyone to feel good here, so we focus on providing people with memorable experiences, with a dynamic, inspiring and flexible work environment.

Here you can
be yourself

We value autonomy, collaboration, freedom and diversity. We encourage our Members to build their own path, offering countless opportunities for development and career possibilities that make each Member proud.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Here people are valued for who they are.

Diversity, equity and inclusion are present in our sustainable development commitments. With well-defined goals, initiatives and processes, Braskem has the ambition to be recognized as a company that promotes human rights and equity in our value chain.

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We believe that people move us forward and these are our values. ---

you are the protagonist
Relationships based on trust and autonomy are the key to transformation. Here you are encouraged to make a difference, every day.
challenge and be challenged
We are inspired to question common sense and challenge each other. This is how we evolve and always learn.
co-create your ideas
Innovation comes to life when we work as a team. I have an idea? Share. Access. Make it happen.
build your own path
We believe there are many paths to success. And you will always be encouraged to draw yours.
Grow with us
Here the opportunities for growth are great. Be part of an ethical, transparent and prosperous company that always seeks to go further.
be proud of what you do
Be part of the creation and development of sustainable solutions that improve people's lives. With an innovative attitude, your work benefits society and the planet.
you are free to be you
Diversity and respect are essential. Here you are valued for who you are and the opportunities are equal for everyone. Without exceptions.

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