Braskem presents its digital transformation at K Fair 2019

The petrochemical producer will present for the first time its initiatives to create internal opportunities for leveraging its efforts to transform the global chemical industry

Braskem, the largest thermoplastic resin producer in the Americas and the world's leading biopolymer producer, will showcase the acceleration of its Digital Transformation at K Fair , the world's largest event for the plastics and rubbers industry, to be held from October 16 to 23 in Düsseldorf, Germany. Part of the company's strategy to strengthen its position in the petrochemical industry, the initiatives will create value for clients, employees and the business by incorporating advanced digital technologies in strategic areas of operations.

To support the effort, Braskem created a Digital Center, which will lead its transformation and integrate all digital activities globally. Today, Braskem has more than 50 initiatives that address key aspects of its value chain from end-to-end using advanced digital technologies, artificial intelligence (AI) big data, data analysis and new ways of working. The company is creating new digital ventures by incubating in-house startups to rethink factors that affect its business and the petrochemical industry in general. That includes opportunities to create value in manufacturing, supply chain, marketing and sales, which will improve Braskem's position as a global leader in its industry.

Braskem CEO Fernando Musa explained that this is a key moment in the company's history. "We've been seeking opportunities in our businesses to adopt digital initiatives that can improve processes and increase productivity in what we already do really well. New digital tools, especially those based on AI and Big Data, are enabling us to compile data and leverage information to optimize our systems and reduce inefficiencies. This is the greatest revolution in the petrochemical industry in decades and will definitely impact our value chain," concluded the executive.

One of the initiatives in the Digital Center is the Braskem - Client Digital Integration, which uses technologies such as advanced machine learning to integrate processes using high-quality data on Braskem's products and the performance of clients' assets. 

According to Nicolai Duboc, business development manager at Braskem, "the Braskem-Client Digital Integration project's biggest challenge is to increase the production efficiency of our customers. This will be done through delivering the best product designs and recommendations for the ideal conversion equipment setup, so the production line can run as optimal as possible. This will be possible only by intensive use of AI to deeply understand the correlations between product design, processing condition and quality indicators from Braskem's and it's customer's database. Once the project is fully implemented, our clients will see relevant improvements in production line output, equipment availability (eg. faster production line setup) and production quality."