Adimax launches Super Premium line of dog and cat food

More healthy and sustainable, this line of products contains special, top quality ingredients, and its packaging uses plastic produced from renewable sources by Braskem

São Paulo, November 27, 2013 - For consumers who seek to offer better health and well-being to their dogs and cats, and who are also concerned about consuming more sustainable products, Adimax has launched the 'Fórmula Natural' super premium line, which contains new ingredients. Another innovative feature is the sustainable packaging of the product, made of green plastic from renewable sources by Braskem.

Thirteen versions have been developed that are better suited to the size, age and individual characteristics of the pets. For Mini/Small and Medium/Large dogs, the line comes in Pups, Adults, Sensitive, Light and Senior versions, while for cats, the options available are Pups, Adults and Neutered.

"Healthy food that adequately meets the requirements of each animal brings many benefits, which translate into quality of life and, consequently, longevity", affirms Prof. Dr. Rodrigo Bazolli, technical manager of Adimax Pet.

"Braskem seeks to create innovative products to better serve people. The use of green plastic provides consumers with a more intelligent and environmental-friendly solution for packaging. The expansion of the alliance with Adimax underlines its concern for offering a more sustainable solution for its clients", says Alexandre Elias, director of Renewable Chemicals at Braskem.

Green plastic is produced from ethylene made from sugarcane ethanol. Its big differential lies in its contribution to reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, since it captures carbon dioxide during its production process. To help consumers recognize green plastic at the stores, Braskem created the 'I´m green TM' seal, which guarantees the renewable origin of the plastic.

The packaging was produced in partnership with Incoplast and Braskem. In the Pet Food segment, Adimax became the first company to use this technology when it launched its Magnus Eco line.

"With the inclusion of Super Premium Fórmula Natural in its portfolio, the number of products produced with green plastic will increase from four to more than twenty", informs Leonardo Dalmagro, packaging manager of Adimax Pet.