Join the Pipe and Braskem partner up to provide sustainable multi-use water bottles worldwide


Dutch based water company Join the Pipe and Braskem have established a partnership to create pré-filled, reusable water bottles made from I'm greenT plastic. One kilo of bottles made from this sustainable plastic saves up to 5 kilo of CO2 compared to conventional single-use plastic bottles. As a result, Braskem is helping Join the Pipe to reduce it's carbon footprint in its endeavor to encourage people to drink more tap water.


Rotterdam, 22nd February 2019. From March onwards, Join the Pipe's sustainable and reusable water bottles made from Braskem's I'm greenT plastic will be available in various European countries as well as Africa and the US. Join the Pipe aims to reduce single-use water bottles by offering a multi-use solution, whilst enlarging the global access to clean tap water by installing drinking water fountains and distributing drinking water in a fair and sustainable way.


Join the Pipe and Braskem are working hard to promote reusable water bottles made from sustainable plastic, as a posed to conventional single-use bottles. "Supporting this initiative fits perfectly with Braskem's purpose to create sustainable solutions that improve people's lives", says Marco Jansen, Braskem's Commercial Director for Bio plastics in Europe and North America.


Braskem's I'm greenT plastic is a sustainable renewable alternative to conventional plastic as it's made from sustainably sourced sugarcane. During the growth phase of this plant, CO2 is absorbed from the atmosphere. The carbon dioxide finally ends up in the actual plastic itself and not in the atmosphere.


"Applications for bio based plastic, such as Join the Pipe's multi-use bottles, totally align with Braskem's efforts for a global circular economy. This partnership is a prime example in search for innovative and sustainable solutions through the use of plastic", according to Jansen.


The income generated from multi-use water bottles and drinking fountains is used to set up drinking water projects in developing countries, bringing water to those without. Join the Pipe hand out water bottles to school children for better hygiene, install water pumps in villages and organize City Clean-Ups to tackle the plastic waste issue at source.


Andrew Eversden, Join the Pipe: "This partnership with Braskem is very important in our journey to deliver the most sustainable drink out there. By offering drinking water in a locally produced and filled reusable bottle made from I'm greenT plastic we have made our bottles even more sustainable. Braskem is helping us to reduce our carbon footprint in our endeavor to encourage people around the world to drink more tap water from reusable bottles".



About Join the Pipe

Join the Pipe offers a sustainable yet affordable alternative to single-use plastic water bottles. By pré-filling and sealing nicely designed multi use bottles and installing drinking water fountains, Join the Pipe offers a complete solution to the single-use plastic waste issue at hand. To date Join the Pipe has installed over 3000 drinking water points throughout Europe and supply major supermarkets in The Netherlands with a reusable water bottle option.


With the income generated through the bottles and fountains, Join the Pipe set up water projects in developing countries. By handing out reusable bottles to school children, installing water pumps and organising City Clean Ups they aim to tackle the single-use plastic waste issue at source. The Dutch based organization has realized over 350 of these projects in many African and Asian countries.