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Press Releases • 21 de Setembro de 2021

Braskem announces partnership with Gelmart International to supply bio-based I'm green EVA polymer for the production of sustainable underwear

The Braskem bio-based I'm green EVA made from sugarcane, a sustainable source raw material, is used in the first renewable source line of bras in the world

Braskem (B3: BRKM3, BRKM5 and BRKM6; NYSE: BAK; LATIBEX: XBRK) ("Company"), the largest polyolefin producer in the Americas and pioneering world leader in industrial-scale production of biopolymers, announces its partnership with Gelmart International ("Gelmart"), one of the world's largest manufacturers of underwear. Braskem is supplying its I'm greenTM EVA biopolymer, made from sustainably grown sugarcane, for the production of the world's first bra cup from renewable sources. The new Kindly line of sustainable underwear by Gelmart was launched in August and is exclusively available for sale in 3,300 Walmart stores in the United States as well as on

Gelmart designed, developed and produced more than 1.25 billion units of underwear, bras and shaping items for major retailers and brands in the world. The Kindly line of bras by Gelmart is the culmination of more than three years of its own development, which led to the world's first mass production of a vegetable-based bra. The Kindly line's goal is to connect the realms of sustainability, accessibility and innovation by incorporating ecological materials, such as Braskem's I'm greenTM biopolymer EVA, which replaces traditional foam material. The Kindly line, with its accessible price tag, allows consumers the satisfaction of making a more sustainable choice without sacrificing quality or price.

"As a world leader in biopolymers, Braskem has a long-standing commitment to creating a more sustainable future. Our innovative portfolio of I'm greenTM bio-based materials has helped global brands and manufacturers to make the transition from raw materials made from fossil fuels to more ecological solutions. We are very excited to announce our partnership with Gelmart, a company whose visionary leadership is helping to shape the global apparel industry with new creative offerings with the same level of quality and comfort and a more sustainable footprint for the planet", states Edison Terra, Braskem Executive Vice-President.

"It is with great satisfaction that we launch the first vegetable-based bra cup. However, there is no real sustainability without accessibility. It is important for us that our brands are known not only for offering quality products, but also for creating a movement to seek a more ecological and accessible way of life for everyone. That is why finding an ideal partner who could offer us high-quality ecological materials at scale was a key element in our strategy. Braskem was the natural choice for us as it is one of the major biopolymer suppliers, and its extensive expertise in Green EVA and its collaborative approach were the perfect match", says Yossi Nasser, Gelmart International President.

Braskem's bio-based I'm greenTM EVA is made sustainably from sugarcane, a renewable source which contributes towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions from CO2 capture. For those who wish to adopt Green EVA in a new product concept, its use is ideal for clothing, shoes, toys, foam in general and much more.

"Consumers today have adopted a more holistic approach in their buying decisions; as such, they are increasingly choosing products developed and manufactured with sustainability as their main concern. At Braskem, we set up partnerships with our clients so we can help them to transition to more ecological materials. We are proud to work with Gelmart to support advancing the apparel industry in its sustainability journey, delivering products that meet the needs of consumers who are passionate about creating a better future for the planet", says Giancarlos Delevati, Business Development and Account Manager at Braskem.

This was the most challenging project I have worked in, in more than 40 years in the industry - and definitely the most rewarding. It took three years to achieve a sustainable cup that would contain more than 80% of vegetable base. Our goal is to make sure consumers never have to choose between function, sustainability and price, by creating a more sustainable future with products that offer beautiful design and make people feel well when they wear them", says Eve Bastug, Product Director at Gelmart International.

The I'm greenTM brand represents Braskem's sustainable portfolio, offering recycled and renewable source products, in line with the company's commitment to the circular economy. Combining innovation and sustainable development for a better impact on the planet and society is the ultimate goal. Since its initial launch, the Braskem sustainable I'm greenTM portfolio of chemicals and polymers has grown and currently includes a range of solutions made from post-consumption plastic waste, as well as material responsibly obtained from renewable sources, including the green EVA, all of them reflecting Braskem's commitment to innovation and advancement of the Carbon Neutral Circular Economy. Learn more about Braskem's sustainable I'm greenTM portfolio by going to: .



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