Braskem launches new stretch film solution to reinforce the Circular Economy in the commercial freight industry

Braskem Flexus 3600 and Polypropylene RF70 are presented during K Fair on SML machines

To develop ever more sustainable solutions, Braskem, the largest producer of thermoplastic resins in the Americas and the world's leading biopolymer producer, will launch its new stretch film solution at K Fair . The sustainable solution, which will be presented at the world's largest event for the plastics and rubber industry, held from October 16 to 23 in Düsseldorf, Germany, is aligned with the company's commitment to promote the Circular Economy.

Improving productivity, reducing waste
The launches of Braskem Flexus 3600 and PP RF70 are the result of the company's efforts to develop new solutions in multi-layer stretch films. With superior processability and high yields during application, the solutions have major advantage in terms of sustainability, since it reduces the amount of raw material needed for their production. In addition to productivity gains, the stretch film also reduces waste during transport, offering benefits in all links of the company's value chain. 

"The combination of different products distributed in layers results in higher puncture strength, lower propagation of tear and increased capacity to compact unitized cargo," said Américo Bartilotti, head of Braskem's Packaging & Consumer Goods Business. "We are improving safety during the transport, storage and distribution of cargo, while reducing product waste due to faults in the palletization process, and using less stretch film. This result in an excellent cost-benefit tradeoff," he said.

Partnership with SML
The new solution will be introduced in partnership with SML during K Fair, where visitors will have an opportunity to see firsthand how the new stretch film performs on the PowerCast XL stretch film line of the Austria-based equipment maker.

The solution reinforces Braskem's efforts to promote the Circular Economy and to promote the conscientious consumption of materials. In 2018, the company undertook a public commitment and defined a series of initiatives to promote the topic throughout the entire plastic converters production chain.