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In the future, according to Made In Space, about 30% of ISS’s parts could be replaced by products manufactured in 3D printers in case of defects or malfunction. This means more agility and cost savings, as astronauts will be emailed the digital design of objects in order to print them in space, instead of having to wait for weeks – or even months – for these parts to be manufactured on Earth and sent to them by means of rockets.

And what can be printed in Green Plastic?

The use of 3D printing on demand increases reliability and safety of space missions. The objects will make the daily lives of astronauts easier, allowing them to print parts and tools as needed.

These are some examples of tools that can be printed in outer space and how they help astronauts' work:

Support for
test tubes
Tubos de ensaio Tubos de ensaio
Conector de Tubulações Conector de Tubulações
Hook for
flexible cables
Gancho para cabos Flexíveis Gancho para cabos Flexíveis
Itens Pessoais Itens Pessoais


What is the International Space Station?

The International Space Station (ISS) is a space laboratory and is used for carrying out scientific experiments that require one or more specific conditions which are present in the micro-gravity environment. Astronauts live for months at the ISS and are responsible for studying, for example, the effects of the absence of gravity in the human body – the decreased bone density over the years or the immune system functioning.

The ISS is in orbit around planet Earth at an altitude of about 360 kilometers, traveling at an average speed of 27,700 km / h, the equivalent of 15.77 orbits per day.

How do the objects reach the ISS?

To bring supplies to the Space Station, rockets are used in recharge missions that take place once every two or three months, depending on the needs of the station and of astronauts. These rockets will normally carry food, water, clothing, scientific experiments and objects.

Made in Space

Made In Space is an American organization founded in 2010 as the first manufacturing company focusing on outer space. It was hired by NASA to develop, build and operate their 3D printing experiment in zero gravity aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

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